Celebs under the Scanner: Ms. Bolly Chilli

Be it their style or the lack thereof, here is Ms. Bolly Chilli's view on the various celebs caught under her scanner.

When celebrities are sighted, I, as in your trusted and much revered Ms. Bolly Chilli and Ms. BC to the cool guns out there, must simply put my mind to work and pass a comment or two on their attires. Whether they make me drool with envy or bring my claws out in disgust, I can't help but critique at what my dear eyes witness.

This passing week, I gave the the male population a break and snarked at our fav B-Town females. Be it their style or the lack thereof, here's Ms. Bolly Chilli's view on the various celebs caught under my scanner.

Madhuri Dixit Nene

Madhuri Dixit Nene was spotted at the Malaysia Press Meet of Temptation Reloaded alongside Shah Rukh Khan. In an orange kameez, orange churidaar and a translating pinkdupatta, India's very own dancing queen looked a pleasant change from her previous appearances. Thank the Lord for that. The gota, which can be seen used heavily on the bodice and the sides of the pallu, is definitely the "in" thing these days. The Nikasha suit was carried off well, but the work on the shoulder has me scrunching my nose in distaste. It rather looks like a strap is falling off her shoulders. Ahem. Work that little detail next time, Mrs. Nene. BollyCurry Rating: 3.5/5

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan, who is busy promoting her upcoming venture, Shaadi Ke Side Effects, was spotted wearing a Payal Khandwala dull red maxi dress. Another maxi dress? Face, please meet palm. I have seen too much of the similar style on the talented actress and am frankly bored. She's either in sarees or in full length dresses. Mrs. Balan, Ms. BC does not expect you to show an awful lot of skin. I also understand there only certain things that suit you. But come on, throw me bone here! All I'm asking for is a lil experimentation, even if it's with color and design! Having said that, the top half of the dress, especially the arms, are atrocious. BollyCurry Rating: 2.5/5

Deepika Padukone

Showing off her sexy legs and foot tattoo was Deepika Padukone wearing a Zara cropped top paired with a white pencil skirt. While the cropped look is the perfect choice to show off her enviably toned mid section, maybe we've seen it one time too many? Her hair was also way too slick for this ensemble. Let it breathe a little! And poor her, couldn't decide between the necklace and the earrings. As gorgeous as they are, one has to go. I'll take the other! Full points for make-up though, luscious red lips and nails is the way to go. BollyCurry Rating: 3/5

Alia Bhatt

While promoting Highway in London, Alia Bhatt rocked up in a Dior Pre-Fall dress and to my amazement, she carried it off quite well! The asymmetric monochrome dress is a beaut of a thing whilst being a causal outfit as well as a head turner. I couldn't help but notice the serious lack of accessories, though. A little bit of silver would have gone a long way. Perhaps a chunky ring just to break the monotony? Come little one, prove to me you are the student of the year. Take a fashion advice from me. I have to applaud her for wearing such a thing in the frightful winds of London town. That's bravado as it's best. BollyCurry Rating: 3.5/5

Priyanka Chopra

At a private screening of Gunday, Priyanka Chopra was seen in a black skirt, Nida Mahmood top and mint pumps. Let us talk about the top first; question - is Miss. Chopra a fan of Amitabh Bachchan? The answer would be "yes" followed by another "yes", with his face pasted twice on her top. The black pencil skirt is a good choice to be paired with the loud print of the top. The hair - boring! Maybe it's time to try out some new dos, don't ya think so, PeeCee? A sleek high ponytail would do wonders. But the mint pumps with a yellow strap, Ms. Bolly Chilli likes! BollyCurry Rating: 4/5

Karisma Kapur

Karisma Kapur looked spectacular in a silver, white and black Tarun Tahiliani number. The slender dress was made to be worn by someone with her petite structure yet womanly curves. Her slick ponytail with a puff to the side was also the perfect match. The big hoops and the chunky cuff that Kapur chose were slightly off but I can ignore that...for now. If I look past the slight mishaps, she's up to the mark! What I can I say, Ms. BC liked what she saw. BollyCurry Rating: 4.5/5

Here the claws of Ms. Bolly Chilli are retracted. While yet another episode comes to an end, I hope that the criticism is taken with heads held high. I only try to help. Sometimes. Do tell us who you think stood out for the best and the worst reasons and I'll see you dearies soon. Until then, stay fashionable! 

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