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Celebs on their first cooking experience!

Tellybuzz quizzed celebs on their first cooking experience in life.


Tellystars as we all are well aware work round the clock for fans entertainment. Their time devoted in the kitchen is limited and today tellystars share their first cooking experience...

Ratan Rajput: I had made 'Sevanya' for the very first time and I had made a very big mistake while making it. I had put a lot of ghee in it which spoilt the taste of the dish.

Suhasi Dhami: Caramel Custard was the very first dish that I made. I prepared it with the help of the instructions given on the packet of Caramel Custard powder which I had purchased. It had turned out to be a very yummy dish and since then I prepare it quite often.

Nicole Alvera: As every non cook would answer for only one dish he can ever make is Maggi and I am no different (laughs). Easy to cook and delicious to eat Maggi Maggi Maggi(laughs).

Debina Bonnerjee: My first experience that I remember was 6 years back when I had come to Bombay for the very first time. I had a Maharashtrian maid at home and I was very bugged eating the Maharashtrian food and was craving for Bengali food. So one fine day I just got up went to the  market and got some veggies then called my mom and with her instruction made a Bengali dish which was very yummy, in fact the best.

Vishal Gandhi: Ofcource my mom helped me the first time- it was a kind of adventure for me. As I am the only child of my parents, they always wanted me to be an all rounder. The first dish that I made was a Gujarati dish: Aloo Sabji with gravy and rice. My mom instructed me with the masalas and suprisingly it turned out to be tasty and since then I have developed interest in cooking. Definitely not as good as my mother makes but yea surely edible(laughs).

Anas Rashid: I made Pizza and Burger for the very first time and that happened when my chef in my restaurant was absent and I decided to take his position.I tried making it in a very professional way without anyone's help and luckily the dish turned out to be amazing. The customers gave me excellent reviews and comments.

Abhinav Shukla: When I was in 6th std I learnt how to make Tea - all because of curiosity and it was nothing too difficult. It turned out well...I have a basic idea about cooking. I know what is  roasting , grilling and frying. One dish I would like to try out is Thai Green Curry!

Deepali Pansare: Gajjar Ka Halwa was the dish I cooked for the first time. I asked my sister for the recipe. I was a little skeptical but it turned out to be phenomenal and in ten minutes it was all over and I was left with empty plates.

Shilpa Anand: Well the first dish that i made was brownies and i took full instruction from my best friend. it turned out really yummy.

Reporter: Krishma Solanki, Medha Parashar.
Author: Krishma Solanki.


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Maham 8 years ago Shilpa Anand...yur missed so so much...need to comeback super soon...

.Mannat. 8 years ago wowww brownies :D yummmy
i am sure dey must b d deliciousest brownies ever made in dis world :))
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Yes she had made gajar ka halwa ...
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Shilpa-Brownies awww x
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