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'Celebrations are always incomplete without family' - Kinshuk Mahajan

Kinshuk Mahajan, the Birthday Boy gets candid with TellyBuzz..

Published: Saturday,Apr 17, 2010 18:00 PM GMT-06:00
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The handsome Kinshuk Mahajan of Star Plus and Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, celebrates his birthday today on April 17th, and here is TellyBuzz giving its readers an exclusive chit-chat with the Birthday boy who is readying himself to celebrate the day with his family in Delhi.

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What are your Birthday plans today?
As of now I'm on the sets of Bidaai. But very soon, I will be boarding a flight to Delhi, and will be giving a surprise visit to my family members.

Any surprise at midnight?
Yes, I was shooting a scene for Bidaai and as the clock struck 12, all my co-stars just popped up between the scenes with a cake and shared their wishes. It was great!

How do you like celebrating your Birthday?
I like celebrating it with my family and friends. Basically I like to keep it a private affair. For me, close ones are my first priority and after attending so many celebrity parties, I feel celebrations are always incomplete without family members.

How has your childhood Birthdays been?
I have many memorable birthdays of my childhood. As I come from a Punjabi family, any occasion doesn't pass by without a celebration. So I have enjoyed all my Birthdays whole-heartedly.

Any memorable Birthday instance on the sets of Bidaai?
Last year all the co-stars like Angad, Parul and Sara had run behind me on the sets to paint my face with cake, and they succeeded in doing it (smiles).

And this year I was gifted with lot of Birthday bumps.

You have always maintained a very low profile in the media, has it been intentional?
I have certain principles in life and I always abide by them. So I strongly feel to keep my personal life just a private affair. If there is anything related to my profession I'm always ready to speak up.

Your character of Ranveer in Bidaai has undergone a lot of variation with time, so how has your experience been?
It's really nice and I'm grateful to the channel for giving me this character in Bidaai. Most importantly it has given me an opportunity to understand the different colour tones within a particular character.

So how much do you relate yourself to Ranveer?
A lot in fact. I could say that Ranveer is a part of Kinshuk and vice versa. The character has helped me to understand the different relationship patterns; it has helped me with solutions to many real life issues.

What do you think is the strength of Ranveer's character?
I feel his simplicity; education has helped him in balancing his life very calmly. He's a very good soul in all.

What element between you and Parul Chauhan has helped enhance your on screen chemistry?
We fight a lot on sets on silly things, and as a result of this we can now presume each other's reactions. So I think that has increased our understanding to an extent, and of course expressions come out naturally to us on screen.

Your favorite on screen co-star?
I have friendly relations with everyone. But I have a special corner for Angad, Parul and Sara. Angad is like a brother to me off screen also.

You have been quite a trend setter. What's your take on this?
It's good if you feel so (smiles). But personally I'm not a brand freak. I feel comfort is my mantra when it comes to trend.

You have just bought your new house and you have been working a lot on its designing? So had you decided on any special theme?
My basic idea was that I should feel at home whenever I enter the premises. And things related to interiors just kept coming to me. Except for that it's a perfect mix of simplicity and modern amenities.

Angad Hasija (Alekh) has helped you with the interiors, so how much potential do you think he has as an interior designer?
I think he is a very good designer and has lot of potential. He has designed a lot of homes earlier in Delhi also. He has a good blend of imagination and creativity.

When is your family expected to settle down with you in Mumbai?
I have been insisting them from a long time but as my entire family is there in Delhi,  they aren't very keen on migrating. But hopefully they would come down the next year.

What is your passion apart from acting?
I would love to do practice direction and even script writing in future.

What do you do to kill time?
I love sleeping. I can sleep at anytime, anywhere even after consuming coffee or tea; it doesn't hinder my sleep in any way. Some say it's a bad habit but I enjoy it!

Is Kinshuk equally romantic as Ranveer?
Yes he is, as I said earlier we have a lot in common. And as a person I believe in searching 'solutions in problems' and hold a very positive approach towards life.

So would Kinshuk prefer love or arranged marriage?
Obviously love, because I feel that it's difficult to spend an entire life with someone you don't know enough; also love is a very beautiful feeling. And the person who gets an opportunity to be in love should take it forward, and strive to turn it into a successful marriage.

We have heard Kinshuk has a girl in his life for many years now.
(smiles) I think people would come to know about it in a year's time.

Message for the fans.
I'm really thankful to all of them for giving me so much support and for accepting me as an actor. They have given me so much love that I can lead my future with a mere thought that I was loved by audience at some point of time.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy.

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aruntouch 13 years ago kinshuk roxs. honest and original interview by kinny
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coolfire 13 years ago "We fight a lot on sets on silly things, and as a result of this we can now presume each other's reactions. "

:) this is the most adorably honest and original answer to "how do you keep your on-screen chemistry alive" question!

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SaniaKaSidShukl 13 years ago Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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aruntouch 13 years ago please keep away parul from kinny life. as she has so many flings . latest one is yashseep.
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nanamigha 13 years ago happy birthdayto the birthday boy
wish you a good luck for future plans and future life
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zara_11 13 years ago Happy Birthday Kinshuk-loved your answers.
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xoashaknowsbest 13 years ago i hope the girl that has been in his life for many years is parul !!!!! (:
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snowhitepinkzz 13 years ago Happpppyy Birthdayyyy Dear Handsomeee....
Luved each and every answer of yourss... and Jussstttt Luoveeeeee youuu more and moreee....
I hope the love of your life be none other than Parul Chauhan...*FINGERS CROSSED*
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BinnaBaBiiiE 13 years ago Happy B-Day Kinshuk <3 <3 :))
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pankhi 13 years ago u r a asweet hear. Keep rocking. u r the best among bestes. U r shonu mone. U r so sweeeeeeeeeet. A big hugh and sweet kiss to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
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