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Celebrating Makarsankranti with SAB...

SAB TV actors celebrate Makar Sankranti festival on a grand scale. Check to know what the actors have to say on this day...

Published: Wednesday,Jan 14, 2009 13:50 PM GMT-07:00
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Makar Sankranti is a very auspicious day and is celebrated in almost all parts of the country. While it is celebrated with pomp in southern parts of the country as Pongal, in Punjab it is celebrated as Lohri & Maghi.

Khichiri is eaten and given away as charity, and people also distribute rice and lentils to the poor and needy. In Maharashtra, a special dish called tilgul, or laddoos made of jaggery and Sesame seeds (the chief crop of the season) is popular. In Gujrat it is celebrated as the Kite flying day. In South India, a sweet dish by name Pongal is made.

The festival conveys the message � �The bond of brotherhood and the spirit of oneness should prevail despite all odds�

We bring you an exclusive celebration of the event with SAB channel and its actors.

Bringing together the entire cast of all shows on SAB, the colorful festival was celebrated with a lot of energy and excitement. Fun and craziness was truly at its best with the presence of Dilip Joshi, Disha Vakani, Baba Saigal, Abhishek Avasthi, Muskan Mehani, Vandana Pathak and Bharthi Achrekar all in their characters. 

Flying kites was not the only agenda of the day with the SAB stars proving to one and all that after all, �Asli Mazaa SAB ke saath aata hai�. With competitions on who made the best til - ladoos to being the strongest kite flier, SAB ensured sheer fun and laughter with its entire cast.
Splashing the big blue sky with vibrant colors of kites and with the aroma of freshly made til � ladoos in the air, laughter was at its best with all the stars enjoying the spirit of the day.

Also, Telly Buzz team talked to the Saas and Bahus of SAB family on this occasion.

What according to you is the importance of Makarsankranti?
Vandana Pathak: We all celebrate this festival in different ways across the country. I�m from Ahmedabad and we celebrate this occasion on a huge scale there. During our childhood, it was fun as we used to spend the whole day in the terrace with our kites.

Bharti Achrekar: I used to stay in Pune, so have not seen much of the kite flying there. A day before the festival, we used to eat bajre ki roti with brinjal. On the festive day we make roti with jaggery and also tilgul laddos. On this day we visit our neighbors and exchange laddos and give message of �Tilgul ghya aani goud goud bola� (Eat sweets and talk sweetly).

Abhishek Awasthi: My only motive is to celebrate this fest with good spirit.

Can you recollect any incident that happened on this day?
Vandana Pathak: Once when I was in my school-going days, I was flying a kite on the terrace. In Ahmedabad, we used to have joint terraces and where we can even jump from one terrace to another. All of a sudden my kite started falling down and in the process of holding it up, I lost balance and fell on the parapet of the terrace. Luckily, a person who was there pulled me up. 

Bharti: It is very necessary to be cautious as during this festival, there are chances of accidents. However, I have not experienced anything like this yet.

Abhishek Awasthi: I don�t know to fly a kite. My elder brother used to spend lot of time flying a kite. But I noticed that his skin got tanned due to over exposure to sun. Since I was very conscious about my looks, I never ever dreamt of learning this (smiles).

We wish all our readers a Very Happy Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Maghi and Lohri�

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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radhika_21 @radhika_21 14 years ago happy lohri, makar sakranti and pongal!
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Preeti @-Preeti- 14 years ago good to see them celebrating it togethere

Happy Makar Sankranti, Pongal and Lohri to all
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