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Catching all Behind the Scenes Fun on Maayka - Part 2!!

A very special behind the scenes chit-chat with the lead actress, Neha Bamb!


In a span of a few months, Zee’s Maayka has not only managed to get high TRP ratings but has also managed to win the hearts of millions of people around the globe. The show has been successful in portraying the bonds and complex relationship that a girl shares with her Maayka (parent’s house).

After exclusive interviews with Sudhir Pandey (Brij Malhotra) and Nandita Puri (Moni) in Behind the Scenes look at Maayka – Part 1, our reporter Anju catches up with the pretty gal in the show for the second part in the series of Behind the sets look at Maayka.

Read on for a very special interview with the lead protagonist herself, the extremely beautiful Mahi aka Neha Bamb!

Have your fans accepted you as Mahi? Or do they still thi

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nk of you as Kripa?

Neha: Unfortunately my fans still see me as Kripa. They cannot believe that its me who is playing Mahi. They feel that its someone else playing that role. Its been difficult for them to accept the transition. I walk around and people still shout out ‘oh look its Kripa’

How is it working with Vivan (Shabd)?

Neha: We have a lot of fun on the sets. Vivan puts in a lot of his input too, we share a good chemistry.

What is the best thing about this show?

Neha: Its different. Its shown a maayka as very strong. I like that.

Who does Mahi like better - Jeet or Shabd?

Neha: Mahi is a simple girl, she can’t change her feelings often. She loves Jeet, but she's trying to be the best wife to Shabd.

Will we see Jeet back in full swing?

Neha: Yes, his major track will come in soon. I can’t reveal more info on that.

Which sister do you share the best rapport with?

Neha: Soni, the little sister.

Lastly, We heard that you're going to get married in December. Elaborate a little more on that please.

Neha: Yes, its true, I am getting married in December. We've already begun preparations. The guy I am getting married to, has been my childhood friend. I really love him. I believe that one must get married to a person he or she knows very well, and is in love with.

Do you have a message for your fans?

Neha: Thank-you so much for always being there. I love you guys.

Isn’t that what you call sweet and hard-working? We wish this pretty lady all the very best for her career and wedding. Stay tuned as we bring you more behind the scenes information on Maayka and its stars!

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt

Contact Author: virgo_stars, anju0930


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nice article :)
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Pop Princess
Pop Princess 13 years ago thnx a lot...wish her da best of luck in her marriage
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