Cancer Compatibility With Quarantine: Vivian Dsena Makes The Most Of His Time At Home

Here's how the fourth zodiac sign, cancer is dealing with living indoors

cancer celebrities

Let’s take a break from style today to talk about zodiac signs amid the time of quarantine. 

Yes.. It's true coronavirus epidemic has taken many lives, at the same time brought every human life around the world to a standstill. Forcing everyone to stay homebound as this crisis grips the world, as the only antidote to it. And we must follow to the t!

While everyone is in it to win it, it also is true that everyone is dealing with it. Making this period a challenge for the human race. However, not as much for those born between June 21 to July 22. The fourth astrological sign, Cancer. Turns out, the ever so domesticated and motherly cancerians have just found company in their happy place and they are not complaining! Here are our Cancerian celebrities proving us right....

Hardcore homebird 

A masculine mama's boy with a soft big heart is a Cancerian man, who is the happiest in his den. So, when we reached out to Shakti... Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii actor, Vivian D’sena to know about his quarantine, we got our answer. Vivian asserted, “I am spending time with myself. My lifestyle hasn’t changed much. And I urge my fans not to panic but just follow the guidelines. Keeping a positive mental attitude is also the need of hour. Stay home and stay positive. This too shall pass! One should not just waste time on clicking selfies and spending hours on social media but also be productive.”

Planning and playing her moves right!

When it comes to work, crabs are quite ahead of their job, a trait making them ace the game of chess. Something that is keeping Aamna busy while indoors.

Talent House 

Unlike any other zodiac sign, cancerians are entertainers. Be it hosting grand parties to breaking into a small dance gigs, cancerians are real entertainers. Proof is Kratika Sengar who has been keeping her followers entertained with fun vids via her social media handle.

Royal And They Know It!

The above line stands true for Jodha Akbar actor, Rajat Tokas. A post Rajat recently shared justifies the fact how much cancerians love dressing up in opulent outfits.

Water Babies

The caring crab is naturally drawn towards water. Blame it on the fact that it is a cardinal sign belonging to the water trigon. Born on 10th July, Pearl shares picture of himself surrounded by water with an important tip for his fans to follow.

How are you making the most of your quarantine time? 

Let us know your answers in the comments below.....

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Rajat Tokas

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Aamna Shariff

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Kratika Sengar

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Vivian Dsena

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Pearl V Puri

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Shakti... Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

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