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Can Saumya really make Varun fall in Love?

They say love is the most beautiful feeling on this planet, but Varun is someone for whom love is a word that doesn’t even exist.

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They say love is the most beautiful feeling on this planet, but Varun is someone for whom love is a word that doesn't even exist. Whereas, Saumya is an absolute believer of love, and, for her, love is like heaven. This episode of Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya talks about two opposite people, who have completely different opinion on love.
The story is about Varun (Fahad Ali) and Saumya (Neelam Sivia) who are class-mates at a film school. There is no surprise in guessing that, being a die-hard fan of DDLJ, Saumya is the eternal romantic who thoroughly believes in true love but, for Varun, love is just a word that has no meaning at all. Saumya is often ridiculed by Varun because of this. As fate would play its part, these two are cast in a romantic film where they have to be involved with each other. Varun is absolutely horrified as he cannot relate to his character at any level as he himself doesn't believe in love whatsoever. On the other hand, Saumya is ecstatic and secretly hopes that during the course of this assignment Varun will also start believing in love.
As they start work on the assignment, Saumya realizes that she has fallen in love with Varun but, is just too scared of expressing it to him as she has no idea how he would react. During a demo shoot, that has these two being involved with each other, Saumya gives the best of expressions. When the two are viewing the same scene on the edit table, Varun simply feels that that she a brilliant actress and has given her best performance. But, Saumya gathers courage and eventually breaks that bubble of pretence by confessing her true feelings to him. Varun gets extremely furious with her as he is unable to relate to Saumya and her unshakeable faith in love. For Varun, lovers are always selfish and are with each other only because of their respective selfish reasons.
Will Saumya be able to change Varun's outlook towards love? Will Varun even believe in love at some point? Will he fall for Saumya?

Fahad Ali Neelam Sivia Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya  Zing 

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dolltanu 4 years ago Fahad want to see u on television continously ... We want Fahad ...we want fahad back on tv .
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Fahadkrazywish 5 years ago Love Fahad in whole epi ^_^
Fahad As Varun <3

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Effervescent_R 5 years ago loved u as Varun..come back onscreen soon
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NihalCh 8 years ago The most genuine celebrity in my point of view..
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Maria151994 8 years ago He is good actor:)i love muder 2 his acting was aawsome:)
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S226079 8 years ago This content is hidden.
preetidhaka 8 years ago Emraan, you are such a talented and dedicated actor that you deserve so much praise and recognition like nobody else.. I'm lamented at the fact that people have under-rated you :(
Love YOU.. You are one of your own kind. :)
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-Araina- 8 years ago Def one of the actor I love!! Might not have watched some of his movies due to age or fear of horrow or something but love him. Hope he gets more films to do :D

@Gunia- great facts! Didn't know any of them. Haha
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moonkmh 8 years ago I love emraan more as a persn he is. Super talentd,vry much quite,no publicity stunt n loyal to wrk. Seriously he desevr much much more in his praise.
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victoriasecret 8 years ago Love You Emraan. Loved this article.. You are a very gud actor..Thumbs Up
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