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'Can I please let my work speak for myself?' - Yuvraj Malhotra

"Is Yuvraj serious about his co-star or not" - this news has been floating in the media for a while. – Now hear what the man himself has to say to Telly Buzz reporter on this.

Published: Friday,Jan 04, 2008 12:57 PM GMT-07:00
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“A girl and boy can never be just friends, especially if they are in the entertainment business” – This is a statement that is believed by majority of public, especially if the couple in question is an onscreen popular romantic Jodi.

Can I please let my work speak for myself? - Yuvraj Malhotra
Many a times, the media fans these romantic notions of wishful public, spices it up with some juicy gossip of romance and links them as a hottest couple in the block. Now along with Bollywood, even the television actor-actresses face the same fate.

Recently one such link up was faced by Television star Yuvraj Malhotra, well-known as Karan of Ghar ki Lakshmiya - Betiayan, linking him to his co-star Twinkle Bajpai from the same serial. Recently, rumors were spread in the media about their friendship and on screen chemistry blossoming into real-life linkup.

When asked by the Telly Buzz reporter Ranjini Nair, Yuvraj very categorically stated that, "There is some misconception which has been created. It's totally a rumor. We are just good friends and good co-artists. There is no such thing between us. I am very much single."

God alone knows when this kind of clichéd trend of linking up will end. When he has the talent, features and personality to back him up, can we let his work speak for him, please?

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Barnali
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Hinal @miss_patel5 16 years ago you te best..i have always admired you... and to me, you are even more beautiful than aishwariya...
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priyanka @sunshine36 16 years ago hats off to u sushmita.i always knew u were a woman of substance but with this i think u r a complete pride to humanity
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priya @Priya_SD 15 years ago they make a cute couple. and where did twinkle go? now they have gunjan walia as lakshmi... awww i liked twinkle!
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
sonia @**sanya** 15 years ago aww jst wished n wished,
well on screen, well i hope dey like bst friends which i mean bst like bro n sis if not love
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noodles @noodles 15 years ago I was also confused cause in another article I think it quoted him saying that they're together. Oh well it's so hard to know abt these celebrity couples.

Thanks for the article!
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Tani @Tani91 15 years ago thanks for the article...hmm weird is he dating her or not?
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Ammu @ammmu 15 years ago But didnt he say in some article that they were together?? Hmmm...

Anyways, thanks for the article Barnalidi!
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brownies @brownies 15 years ago I read an article where he said tha the was dating her...
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Maera Muneeb Iqbal @ghetto_princess 15 years ago thnx for da article..
hess sooo freakin cute.. i luv him.. lol
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*Reemz* @*Reemz* 15 years ago im sure he said in another interview that they were dating. Oh well.

They do make a cute couple
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