'Break' dance for Bappi Lahiri!

Right when Bappida set his foot on a rotating base on SaReGaMaPa MegaChallenge, it broke down!

Bappida was at the receiving end of nature's funny prank on him at the sets of Zee's SaReGaMaPa MegaChallenge

Says our source, "Bappida, along with Abhijeet and Kavita Krishnamurthy were about to make an entry on the rotating base. By chance, Bappi was the first one to set foot over it and as soon as he did, the base gave away!"

The source goes on, "The whole unit teased Bappi saying that it's not just his body weight that caused the crack, but the weight of his jewelry too!"

Bappi who was initially overcome with embarrassment later saw the funny side of the incident and laughed along with everyone. However, the finest one-liner was mouthed by Bappi when the whole Mega challenge team gifted Bappida gold chains on his birthday. Seeing the many gold chains, Bappi went, "Ab aur Gold Pehnoonga to poora stage neeche aajayega (If I'll wear more gold, the whole stage would come down)."

Apparently, the whole unit of SaReGaMaPa MegaChallenge had also arranged for the birthday cake to be made in the shape of a huge gold chain!

Author: Susan Jose

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OMGG lol
relli nice 2 see him handle it so well and not be angry bout it.

14 years ago

That is really funny!!!!

And its great to see his sense of humour and laugh at himself!!!!!

14 years ago

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