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#BoycottSurfExcel: Celebs REACT to the RIDICULOUS OUTRAGE over BOYCOTTING an ad by Surf Excel

Here's what they had to say...


India, as a country, can only be termed to be intolerant where the biggest things go away unnoticed and not cared about at all, but the littlest of things apparently offend someone and some people to an extent one can't imagine.
A similar thing has happened recently when Surf Excel, a detergent company released what looked like an amazing campaign. The video was beautiful and we just couldn't understand what sparked an outrage leading some of them to spark a debate and use the hashtag of Boycott Surf Excel.

A few celebs expressed their take on the same-

What do you think about the same? Leave in your comments below...
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Sophie Choudry Swara Bhaskar

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Its only hindus community duty to make peace in country not other
"If some one slap you show your other side",
This rule for hindus only
Ps I personally don't like Holi festival but having respect toward this festival
FancyDewy92 2019-03-11T00:26:17Z What on earth. It's such a cute and lovely ad. Some people s are mad... they polluting whole world... with their communal agenda
SnehaDoll 2019-03-10T22:57:42Z Can't believe #BoycottSurfExcel is trending bcz some anti-peace elements found the ad humiliating, Hindu phobic & promoting love jihad ! So now hindus are not even allowed to speak to Muslims? Is our country this regressive??
I found this ad so sweet and if anything, it promotes peace.
Anyone having an issue with this ad, either hates Muslims or simply doesnt believe in secularism.
P.S - I am a hindu, but an Indian first
RapChick101 2019-03-10T19:47:53Z It's a nice Ad, one that I liked after really long.

They're just showing that India is a mix of all cultures and therefore all communities must be treated rightly.
Shaina_b 2019-03-10T11:45:01Z I didn't like the ad!!!

I failed to understand what they were trying to prove!!!

-afsha- 2019-03-10T10:59:05Z People are mad. I love that ad and my mother also.
The kids are so sweet
SHAJADHA 2019-03-10T10:12:43Z To show harmony between two community, why to demean the festival of a community to hurt their sentiment
Riana31 2019-03-10T08:22:15Z First of all HARNEET IS NOT A CELEB...

And i was sure people will boycott this hindu-muslim friendly ad... As their narrow minds will not permit them to grant something good... Instead of this ad those PEOPLE SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED !!2019-03-10 08:23:08
asmani 2019-03-10T08:19:42Z first of all Holi's color are not 'daag' its color of joy, celebration. and harmony is celebrating each other's festival not demeaning the festival from a particular region. i am not a Right wing person but with this i have to agree the ad is demeaning the festival of holi may be unintentionally. if you really want to show harmony you can show both community celebrating it together may be!!
nikki.171 2019-03-10T05:36:04Z Shots fired. That tweet deserves all the RTs - cause it is bang on.

It was a beautiful ad btw, so only true haters and anti-peace can be offended by it.
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