Bollywood half dressed!

A woman has many friends, make-up being one of the more prominent ones. Ever imagined a movie where ...

Confusing title? Well, BollyCurry is here to unravel the suspense!

A woman has many friends, make-up being one of the more prominent ones. Ever imagined a movie where an actress appears onscreen sans a touch up? Yes, it's near to impossible, and thankfully so, as you will soon agree!
Bolly actresses only get to shine on the silver screen once a make-up artist has done his wonder.

If you've waited for a glimpse behind the scenes, here's bringing you some shots, before the much needed visits to green rooms!

Priyanka Chopra
First in line we have the lady who bags as many roles as possible in a year. Yes, we are talking about Priyanka Chopra. Not entirely without a touch up as you may spot, with without enough! If you were averse to the magic of make up, this one will sure go a long way to convince you otherwise!
Katrina Kaif
The Brit-Indian beauty, Katrina Kaif is no doubt famous for fair glowing skin, and she seems not to belie our beliefs even without her cosmetic wonder-works. Other than that however, its easy to see what a plain jane she looks, clear and face washed alone!

BollyCurry has concluded, her fair skins has to be natural that even without make up the Brit babe has all eyes on her.

Deepika Padukone
The dimpled girl of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone, is next in line. Do the dimples serve the purpose, or do you indeed prefer her polished and finished looks?
Madhuri Dixit
The dancing queen of our industry, Madhuri Dixit, has a smile that wins one and all. Even without the make up, her natural asset remains loyal, but is that all she needs?
Rani Mukherji
The dusky Bengali beauty, Rani Mukherji, has always received special attention for the unusual hue of her eyes - which remains, needless to say, sans the make man's kit! The onscreen appearance still seems incomplete without the complementing make up, eh?!
Sonam Kapoor
The bubbly Kapoor girl has been tagged trendsetter, unorthodox and different by many; featured as the face of popular brands like Loreal, and sizzled over far too many magazine covers already. However, make up has its credit to claim for this young diva too, like her seniors and contemporaries. Here's a comparative glimpse at Sonam, with, and without...!
Aishwarya Rai
The former Miss World '94, Aishwarya has won countless accolades and acclaims, and a significant chunk of them are attributed to her looks alone. Ever wondered if the beauty queen could look a simple blue eyed girl, one among the commons? Here's how!
Some shocking revelations, indeed! Be sure to share your views!
Author: Tanya F.


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