Bobby Bedi's Mahabharat postponed...

Bobby Bedi's Mahabharat on Star Plus has been kept on hold for the moment, and might see dawn in April next year...

Bobby Bedi’s Mahaabharat which was to launch on Star Plus by the year end has all of a sudden taken a back seat!!

Telly Buzz gives you the latest developments on the show.

“The shoot of the show has been postponed due to the present economic down turn. The shoot will resume only in February ’09, and the show in all probability will go on air in April ’09”, says our source from the production house.

The star cast for the grand epic has been finalized. Nirmal Pandey will be seen as Bheeshm, Gagan Malik as Krishna, while Lillete Dubey’s sister, Lushin Dubey will portray the role of Kunti. In addition to this, there will be many new faces in the show”, adds our source.

If the buzz is to be believed, Manoje Biddvai will be part of the epic too. “Manoje is roped in for the role of Karan. All the actors were undergoing extensive training in a work shop until now”, states our khabroo.

This is not the first time though, that the shoot of the epic has been halted. For the uninitiated, the proceedings were halted earlier due to heavy rains in the jungles of Morna, near Delhi and this time, the stoppage is due to the downfall in the market.

Now, let’s see when we get to hear the next on this show!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Nirmal Pandey

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Gagan Malik

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Bobby Bedi

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Lushin Dubey

Comments (5)

hey is this bobby bedi monica bedi''s bro..... coz i think her bro''s name is bobby too

15 years ago

this is new trend or what, so many mahabharats ?

15 years ago

ekta''s mahabharat is fictional .. i can''t even bear to watch it, full of crap .. and her typical drama style stuff .. she''s made fun out of our epic story .. hopefully this 1 will be better, i think it''s better to see new faces .. u can actually imagine them as that character instead of well known faces .. such as parvati from kggk .. when watchin her on khmk .. u just think of her as parvati .. not as her khmk character ..

15 years ago

aww i was waiting for this one hoping at least this ''Mahabharat'' will be a decent one

15 years ago

hahahah til feb 09 thats funny

15 years ago

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