Bobbiy Bhonsley gets Khushi Chaudary her first break...

Khushi Chaudary, finalist of the Musafir Item Bomb Contest takes up the anchoring role in the popular show Bid to Win on Home Shop 18...

Bobbiy Bhonsley, the brains behind the talent management company BBC (Bobbiy Bhonsley Company) is responsible for giving breaks to more than one successful actors in the television industry. Right from Amnaa Sharif to Sujata Krishnamurthy, he has given a name to them all.

The same Boobiy Bhonsley now brings Khushi Chaudary, finalist of the Musafir Item Bomb Contest that took place in 2004, as the anchor on the popular show Bid to Win on Home Shop 18. Speaking about her first television stint as an anchor Khushi says, “I am very excited to have received an offer as such. Bobbiy is a close friend and he recommended me as the anchor for the show. I think it’s an amazing break for me as the whole show is about live anchoring. I have to be in complete control and cannot fumble.” So does Khushi intend to make an entry in soaps too? “Well”, quips the sultry actress, “I intend to remain in this industry but it depends on the offers I get. Still, my main priority will always be films since I am receiving a lot of offers in that arena too.”

Telly Buzz caught up with Bobbiy Bhonsley to know the reason for casting a new face like Khushi to which he replies, “I recommended her because I know her potential. I know she has the capability to take the script to a different level and can mimic anyone in the industry. She will make an excellent host.” Bobbiy Bhonsley himself has acted in several films and is all set to play a cameo role in Ratna Sinha’s Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na but is reluctant to divulge any details as of now.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Melanie

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