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Biggest Loser Jeetega - A Sneak Peek!!

Take a Look at Sahara One's New Reality Show "Biggest Looser Jeetega" where the "Biggest Looser" is crowned the "Biggest Winner".

Published: Friday,May 18, 2007 16:34 PM GMT-06:00
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There was a time when dramas completely dominated the television but things have changed in the past few years as more and more people are turning to reality shows for entertainment. Dramas may show you high running emotions but at the end of the day, its all fiction whereas reality shows provide real emotions in the lives of real people. That is the reason why reality shows are becoming popular these days.

As the channels realized the growing popularity of reality shows, they entered a race to make successful and unique reality shows. This gave birth to variety of shows in Indian television, some adapted from international shows, like Deal or no deal, Fear Factor India, Indian Idol, Big Boss and many more. Following the suit of making unique and appealing reality shows is Sahara One who is now going to launch a brand new show called ‘Biggest Looser Jeetega!’
The concept of this new show is refreshingly new and interesting. The production house has brought together 16 overweight people from different walks of life. The object of the 4 month long reality show is to make the contestants shed as much weight as possible. The contestants will be divided into 2 teams. The contestants will have to go through tough fitness regime every day to bring up their confidence and make them loose weight. After every week, the 2 teams will eliminate 1 contestant from their team who they think is bringing their team down and not loosing enough weight fast enough.
The host of this show will be none other than the great bollywood actor, Sunil Shetty! He will be making a debut as an anchor and leading the audience through the show. The contestants will be working under many great fitness gurus like Andrew Leipus (Health and Fitness Director), Deepika Mehta (Trainer), Yusef Khan (Trainer), Varun Shivdasani (Culinary nutritionist), Dr. Ajit Desai (cardiologist) and many more professionals.

The show will be shot in the Amber Valley City. The contestants will get a chance to make big bucks and lots of money by loosing weight.
Here is a little sneak peak at some of the contestants.
This 37 year old man, Ravinder Singh Sahni, has obesity running in his family. He hopes to loose weight and inspire others to loose it too.

Sandeep Sachdev is a 25 year old manager with rich likes in food like Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken and Rajma Chawal.

31 year old Hiren Bhawsar is a DJ by occupation. His profession doesn’t allow him to be able to follow a strict diet schedule. He hopes to inspire his wife to loose weight too. He says the hardest thing for him is to find the right sized clothes.

Simran Jethwani is a 37 year old housewife who wants to be thin and believes that the perks of being thin include confidence, grace and style. She is motivated by criticism and believes the hardest thing is embarrassment.

These are just 4 of the 16 wonderful contestants on this show. The show looks promising and the best thing is that it is about normal people who people from all over the country can relate with. The concept is original which has generated a lot of curiosity among the audience. The more weight the contestants loose the more money they earn. Sach me, that’s what we call Biggest Looser Jeetega!

How good is the show? Does it live up to the high expectations of the audience? We’ll know that very soon. Till then, stay tuned, watch Biggest Loser Jeetega unfold before you from this Friday, May 18th, only on Sahara One.

Writer: Naina
Contact Writer: Virgo_stars

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hiral_anju0930 16 years ago Ok, guys, one task, keep track of the diet charts and pass them on to me please.. lol...
Cant wait for the show... I truely wish to give a big round of applause to the indian contestants who came up for this. As people in india are a little shy, to talk about stuff like this that too on national television... Bravo my friends... We'll be cheering for all of you.. Lage Raho...
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mk727272 16 years ago The concept is not ORIGINAL- there is a show in the USA called the Biggest Looser comes on NBC with the same concept.

But yes, it is good to see that a show like this is coming to India...lets hope it generates a good viewership and is taken seriously.
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smallwonder 16 years ago interesting - reality shows r suddenly flooding the tv...
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willina 16 years ago looks funny!!!!!not so interesting though......
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priyankap 16 years ago such a shw was also there on star one ..i dunt remember the name now...

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Tearðrops 16 years ago Sunil Shetty will be hosting it, that should be interesting to watch!
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ching 16 years ago why are they coping the American show The biggest Loser

Well anyway i am sure it will be a good show

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