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Bigg Boss OTT finalist Raqesh Bapat: I knew Shamita and I were playing the game in a real way

Raqesh Bapat spoke to India Forums about equation with Shamita & Pratik post Bigg Boss, Divya’s win & more. Read the conversation here.

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Raqesh Bapat

Bigg Boss OTT finalist Raqesh Bapat may not have won the game, but he sure has traversed quite the journey for himself. While he did make a real connection with Shamita Shetty, he has often been called out for being indecisive. A couple of days post the finale, Raqesh spoke to India Forums about Shamita, his equation with Divya, and more. Read the conversation here.

How has the journey been?

I have come out of the comfort zone and I am in the hours alone right now, I am like I need people, and I like the change. I am not saying it is a drastic change, but eventually, things are going to change, I never thought I would like this and I thought I would be a complete wreck after Bigg Boss.

Will you want to do Bigg Boss 15?

I am still thinking, it is too soon, and there are other commitments ahead of me.

Your tasks and hurdles always involved having to choose between two, where you favoured Shamita and felt Divya will understand. Why was that?

When you have feelings for somebody and the feelings have started, you do care for the person you are connected with more and you try to understand that person better. There is a lot of difference between a friend and someone you are attracted to in different ways, so things on that aspect are a little delicate, you have to handle with care and you have to give that person extra care and be more concern, because feelings are involved. I wanted to understand her better, because she is an extremely nice person and I wanted to be there with her throughout, and as a partner, a friend, and somebody who really likes her, I wanted to be there. I told Divya on the show also, that Shamita is important to me and she would understand her. With Shamita, it was a different equation. The show took a toll on everyone and dealing with feelings like this needs understanding and support.

You've been told every time that Shamita is more expressive, but you aren't. What do you have to say?

Every time you have to make a decision, it is not something which I will always do in life, we have bigger issues in life and things which are important. In the house, we often fight over petty issues, which aren't even issues, and if you pass judgements on the basis of that, I don't give opinions on that because everyone is hot and funny in their own ways, and I am not somebody to judge anyone. I am also flawed, how am I to judge anybody. You are forced to give a judgement when you don't have a judgement and if you are forcing me to do that, I am not comfortable doing that. I am a neutral person even in general. Whatever said, was coming from my heart, there are things I don't do in real life, but when I was asked to do certain things, I don't have the heart to hurt anyone as such. People also saw it, that I am indecisive and I can't take a stand in such things. 

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Nishant realised later that he should have listened to you and also said sorry, do you think it was a little too late?

Better late than never I guess, he was playing the game 100% and I couldn't do that. To each his own. But I knew he is playing his game since day one and I told him you do that, because our friendship is there outside. And I am sure he realised that is only playing the game, and I am glad he did it, and he made it to the top 2 as well. I am pkay with that and I am glad I realised that as well, and I said sorry too.

Pratik used the word spineless, and a lot of things followed since. Are things okay between you two?

Pratik and I had a different equation altogether in the show. I never really understood him on the show, talking in higher voice, and there were different issues, and he was playing a game. But when I came to know him as a person, I know he is a nice person, there are two aspects to him, so now, it is water under the bridge, I don't have anything against anybody.

Divya is the winner of the show, how happy were you and how shocking was Shamita's eviction?

Shamita and me, both weren't playing the game, we were playing the game, but weren't playing the game without being real.  Sometimes, you need to be really ruthless person to win the show, knowing what is your goal, and I have to reach there no matter what way, and you can be right and wrong. But we were a little weak to play that game, we were understanding things, but we did not want to got hat way. Coming in the top 5 was also a big deal for me, and we both made it their, but Divya and Nishant probably already knew how the game works, and hats off to them for how they played the game without taking things to their heart. How people take the show emotionally and how it affects them, also depends. I am happy that we reached the top 5, and we are winners in a sense. I knew Shamita and I were playing a game in a real way, and maybe our agenda wasn't to win the trophy, but we wanted to win hearts.

Divya was alone in the house, and she has always supported you, Moose and Nishant. But none of you took a stand for her. Why?

Divya was playing a game and we realized she was playing a game and not every time I would support her because somethings I will not support if she is wrong, but I as a friend, for Nishant and Divya, if they make mistakes, I won't put them in a spot, I know they are playing a game and I will not support them at that time, even if they are friends. I knew some places she was wrong, but it was right in the audience's eyes and that is why I did not support her.

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loveandhope9204 23 days ago Useless, spineless, and biased. The number of times he made a sacrificial lamb out of poor Divya in tasks and targetted her, showed his 'spineful' side with her, shouting at her, screaming at her was pathetic. Show us your spine with regards to Shamita and Neha who's feets you lick.
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MuguetDScorpion 23 days ago How many times did he use the word game ? LOL
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piya2025 23 days ago Yeah spineless & hypocrite indeed. Don't compare him with Karan or Hiten who were genuinely nice, not luke we aren't playing the game in a game. So, why did you come in a game show.
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