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Bigg Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal on equation with Pratik, Shamita, Bigg Boss 15 and more

Divya Agarwal spoke to India Forums about her Bigg Boss OTT journey, the highs and lows, her equations, and more. Read the conversation here.

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Divya Agarwal wins Bigg Boss OTT

Divya Agarwal lifted the Bigg Boss OTT trophy and sure made history by winning the first ever season of the newly launched format of the reality show. Her journey has had its own set of ups and downs, but she stood through it all and strongly believed in her all throughout.

Divya spoke to India Forums about her Bigg Boss OTT journey, the highs and lows, her equations, and more. Read the conversation here.

Why would you say you couldn't make a connection?

I feel, somewhere, even I was at fault a little. When I entered the show, I did not have any strategy and the moment I went, I felt that I should say that I have done this and won that so that I look strong, and everyone inside is my competitor. I can't fight on petty topics, and things I have heard about the contestants outside, I did not want to use that against them, I just wanted to show them their own thing during the journey. I thought that the way people accepted Pratik's behaviour change, the same would happen to me as well. However, I tried to make sure I am true in whatever I said, so everyone had set their priorities right, and I was at the 3rd or 4th position on their list. However, I think everyone felt that I am strong after all and hence tried to behave the way they did.

There is an entire fiasco happened about undergarments, and later, a similar clip of Shamita talking about Akshara was doing the round. And Neha was right there as well. What do you think lead to this being highlighted more?

I have always said that I don't like Neha. We are all strong women, and I respect strong women, but her problem was that she used to be strong and then doubt herself, and she used to come across as a very hypocrite person to me in the show. When I spoke to Raqesh and Nishant about this, I only was laughing because the hypocrisy that exists when things are about them and when it is about someone else. Everyone went to take a bath after the task when their clothes were lying around, so there was no big deal about it. With Neha, the problem was that she highlighted it a lot, and she expected me to be sorry. According to me, it was just about ego clash, and then there was this entire conversation about being a misogynist as well.

Shamita keeps saying that Divya does not admit her mistake. What do you have to say?

Accepting a mistake is when for example, Ridhima was sorry about the Dettol in my eyes, and she was genuinely sorry, and hence, I did not say a word. I am not scared to make mistakes, but if I am doing something that I believe in, I will not be sorry about it. Things that I do, when Neha did the same thing, Shamita was very accepting of it, so I was seeing the difference and these were points they picked on me. I will be sorry when I feel it, and when that happens, it will be a genuine sorry.

We have seen your friendship, but people who you considered friends have disappointed you. Why do you think you did not get the support?

Genuinely, I believe that when I needed friends in the house, which means for me to be bale to sit and talk and have tea, talk about other things, and that is how I balance my mind and heart, and I don't feel bad when others take my name, etc. I did feel bad when Nishu did a little extra during the game, I felt like why are people not playing solo, rest, the definition of friendship and game for me was different, I don't need help in my game.

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On the finale day, did you expect Zeeshan to apologies when he was asked to say sorry?

I was expecting honestly, but when you do a reality show, you see how there are some emotions that over power everything else, and you look at somethings from the show's perspective, so that is what happened. When I went to the show, I knew it is going to be a lone journey, but it was okay.

There was also a statement about you and Varun when Shamita spoke about it. You handled it maturely. How did you solve it so calmly?

I genuinely say that the truth is with me, so I will not try to justify it. Raqesh was a very good friend and even though people in the house thought that I am trying to steal him, or I' coming between Shamita and Raqesh, but I was calm because I believed in myself and I believed in my audience, so I knew that there's no way my friendship with him would come across as wrong. When people, both inside or even outside, question Varun and my relationship, we both look at each other and we know how wrong they are, the feeling is way superior than all these thoughts. In the beginning, there were a lot of things that caused insecurities or doubts, but once you get over that, there is a much wide idea about what love is, and when I saw Shamita's face, I was angry but I was just smiling, because I know I don't need any connection.

A lot of fan wars are going on as well, what do you think about the argument around Bigg Boss OTT v/s Bigg Boss 15?

Everyone was so emotionally involved in these 1 and a half months, everyone in the crew, everyone who has been a part of the show, it is disrespect to everyone. Everyone has put efforts into the show, people have given all their time to the show, everyone is also going to give that kind of time in the show when it will be running for 4 months, and you can't compare the two shows. Also, because I have won Bigg Boss OTT, maybe that is why I might not be a part of this show. Pratik did not accept his loss, and it is very important to see the end result and accept it.

Did you want to grab the suitcase?

Not at all, something that I have started in life, I can't stop without reaching the end. For example, if I get something while doing Cartel, a Dharma movie for example, I will not let go of it.

Did you wish that things were different with one person you fought with?

Shamita, genuinely. I really liked her in the first week, and we also have a similar nature and behaviour, and we bonded over cleanliness, because we used to talk about the kitchen. It was a beautiful bond and if she would have understood me and given me time, it would have been an amazing bond.

Have you spoken to her?

I would have really liked for her to call me, I don't want her to be sorry or argue over the old topics, when I fight with anyone, I just want them to start talking, I just want that to happen. I genuinely want her to make the first move.

What is your equation with Pratik?

I came to know that he has unfollowed me, I don't understand what have I done that he keeps getting upset time and again. I really hope it is not the trophy that makes him upset because that has happened twice, and if he forgets it and moves on with it, I genuinely wish good for him, even when he lifted the suitcase, i hoped well for him.

You were alone inside but you are busy partying outside, how is the feeling?

Inside, it did not bring me down, but it lifted me up. I was trying to figure out what is going wrong, and I did not want my friends to feel bad looking at me because they are warriors, so I did not want to be weak, and some places, I thought of them and did what I did. Varun also taunted me recently, saying you did not make friends in BB OTT, come party with my friends only. So we went and his friends are amazing from Khatron, I love spending time with them.

Will we see you do Khatron Ke Khiladi?

No, I can't do that. It is very difficult. Just the way Varun can't do Bigg Boss, I can't do a show like Khatron Ke Khiladi.

Lastly, will we see you in Bigg Boss 15?

I have tried to show my journey of whatever has been in the show, but something is always left, and the audiences always feel that if this would happen, it would have bene good, so if not Bigg Boss 15, then 16 or 17, it is not shutting down, I know that. People have seen my potential already, so I am happy with that. If I get it, it will be fun, because I am even in the zone right now.

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