Bigg Boss 17: Immunity task get cancelled;Arun blames Abhishek for the same.

Bigg Boss has offers the contestants a golden chance to immunize themselves against eviction by turning the garden area into a battlefield.

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Bigg Boss 17

Colors Bigg Boss 17 has been getting interesting day by day. The contestants are leaving no stone unturned to give the right dose of entertainment to the audience. The upcoming track will see a major drama where Bigg Boss has offered the contestants a golden chance to immunize themselves against eviction by turning the garden area into a battlefield. 

The task begins with each makaan of the house voting for a contender to compete for immunity. Each contender gets two supporters assigned to guard their makeshift soldiers on the map and knock down the opponent's soldiers. Rules of the task are broken, tempers flare, grudges come out, and insults are exchanged like lightning during this task. After the dust settles, who will walk away from the threat of eviction? 

The latest update we bring you is that the immunity task was cancelled by Bigg Boss. And it will happen that later, Arun will blame Abhishek for the same. 

As already seen how, exes Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar have an undercurrent of tension and still seem to have grudges against each other. After a fight in the kitchen during ration distribution, Isha makes a personal comment about Abhishek, which marks the beginning of an explosive showdown. Both start airing their dirty laundry, and the spat arrives at a point where Isha's boyfriend, Samarth, physically restrains Abhishek from charging towards Isha. Will Isha and Abhishek bury the hatchet and focus on the game?

Also, amid the rising tension and drama, the master of the house is all set to introduce a wild card entrant. After seven weeks, the mohalla will welcome a K-pop sensation who has won the hearts of listeners across the world. With the wave of K-Pop taking over the globe, will this renowned singer have an edge over the rest of the contestants?

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Don't even want to watch it

2 months ago

Chintu and Abhishek ka sirf hot romance dikh raha hai in the article lead image

2 months ago

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