Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar’s mother Sandhya and Isha Malviya’s father Ashish enters the house

In tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 17, the family week unfolds with Abhishek Kumar’s mother, Sandhya Kumar, entering the house

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Abhishek Kumar get emotional seeing his mother

In tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 17, the family week unfolds with Abhishek Kumar’s mother, Sandhya Kumar, entering the house. Amid the game of freeze and release, emotions run high when Abhishek reunites with her mother, leaving Munawar Faruqui heavy-hearted. He breaks down in front of his mother, expressing how tough it is to survive in the game. However, she explains that she understands that everyone in the game is having a tough time. 

Later, BIGG BOSS summoned both her and Isha Malviya to go to the therapy room and talk. Isha apologizes for whatever she said and for her behaviour if it has hurt them. She tries to explain herself, but in response, Abhishek's mother sets the record straight about the allegations made against her family, particularly regarding an incident involving Abhishek's father. Isha tries to clarify but then she apologizes after hearing the other side of the story. In a wise and motherly tone, Abhishek's mother advises Isha to refrain from discussing personal matters about the contestants' families while playing the game. She advises Isha that she should be mindful of the impact her words may have on people's reputations. Will everything be fine between Abhishek and his ex-Isha after this reunion?

In a sensational turn of events, BIGG BOSS welcomes Ashish Malviya, who is Isha’s father. The atmosphere is charged with emotions as father and daughter lock eyes, unable to contain their tears, embracing each other tightly. Samarth Jurel, caught in the whirlwind of emotions, rushes to the kitchen and expresses his concern about meeting his girlfriend’s father. However, Munawar reassures him that everything will be fine. Later, curious about his daughter's game strategy, he probes into the dynamics of Isha's game for the remaining days, inquiring about who affects her the most and the person she hasn't denied for anything. In reply, she mentioned Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s name. He gives her fatherly advice and reminds her of what Salman Khan said about staying away from two people and focusing on her game. Later, in the room, her father questions why Ayesha Khan came to the game, and Isha responds that she came for Munawar. Her father expresses concern, stating that it seems like Ayesha is there to tarnish Munawar's image. With a fatherly mix of caution and guidance, he implores Isha to recalibrate her approach to the game, steering clear of unnecessary controversies and strategic pitfalls. 

++Will Ashish's fatherly advice for his daughter change the way in which she is going to play ahead?

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