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Big revelation for Dev and Shiva in ‘Pandya Store’

Dev and Shiva learn a big truth in Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’.

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Dev and Shiva

Courtesy : Akshay Kharodia's Instagram.

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting a lot of love from the fans. The current track of the show revolves around Dev and Shiva trying to build a separate room for Gautam-Dhara. The only option they have is to break the FD in bank. However, Gautam wants the same money to get back Shiva’s property.

In the upcoming episode, Janardhan tells Gautam that he shouldn’t worry much about the property as his brothers are now adult and he doesn’t have a child of his own. Janardhan insults Gautam and he loses his calm. Janardhan and Gautam get into a fight and Gautam challenges Janardhan that he will not let him take the land. Gautam reaches home injured which leaves Dhara stressed. Gautam tells Dhara that he shouldn’t have agreed to her decision of not having kids ten years ago. Dev and Shiva overhear the conversation and learns the big truth that Gombi-Dhara didn’t have their kids all this while to bring up Gautam’s three young brothers. Dev and Shiva get emotional on hearing the sacrifices that the duo has done for them.

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Gautam also asks Dhara to make Hardik understand and not cross his limit by working on getting a room build for his sister. Dhara supports Gautam and tells him that everything would soon fall into place.

Meanwhile, Raavi confronts Shiva on his changed behavior but Shiva couldn’t confess his feelings for her. Prafula feels that Pandya family has made Raavi a maid.

Dev and Shiva want Gautam to break the FD in bank and use the money to build the room. However, Gautam feels that buying Shiva’s property back is a priority. 

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GrilledCheese 2 months ago Loved Shiva and Dev scenes today! Looking forward to how they will tackle the problems in the upcoming track
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ItsmePriya 2 months ago Looking forward to see the brothers in action!!! They have got to know about Gaura's sacrifice...Excited for the upcoming tracks!!!
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mpks1 2 months ago Finally! Dev and Shiva know the reason behind Gautam and Dhara not having children. Can’t wait to see how things unfold in the coming episodes.
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milkcakejamun 2 months ago Looking forward to see how everything will play out!
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ShivaaaRaaviiki 2 months ago Interesting
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Shivi_forever 2 months ago Love Pandya Store and the entire cast. Finally the truth wil be revealed
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sheet_leher 2 months ago Finally... Finally every one will know what exactly happened
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raindropsroses 2 months ago It definitely is a very interesting track ❤️
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