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Bhuvneshwari Sreesanth pens a heart to heart message defending husband in spot fixing case!

says a false accusation can ruin someone's life

Bigg Boss 12's most controversial contestant Sreesanth always finds a way or another to be in news. Recently in one of the episodes of Bigg Boss, Sreesanth opened up about the darkest phase of his life, the IPL spot-fixing controversy for the very first time.

The former cricketer had an emotional breakdown while talking about the case.During the conversation he tried justifying himself about the allegations of him taking 10 lakhs for spot fixing, and that it was a very tough time for him as he tried to commit suicide several times.  

Well, while that was Sreesanth's big confession on national television, his doting wife Bhuvneshwari who has been his confidante and has been constantly supporting him since the start, has written a long letter defending her husband. The letter that she posted on Twitter had a lot of revelations and of course a lot of justification. In the letter she claims that the police officer involved in the probe was under the pressure of the Nirbhaya rape case and in order to save his job he falsely accused Sreesanth to divert everyone's attention from the rape case.

Also she has further questioned that why despite of getting a clean chit, BCCI is still holding the matter.

Here read her letter:

Well, Bhuvneshwari is a strong lady and doesn't shy away from speaking her mind. The way she defends Sreesanth, be it a Bigg Boss matter or the spot-fixing case, she has always supported her husband and how!

What are your views on the letter? Are you buying her justifications? Do let us know in the comments section below.     

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