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Bhoot Aaya to showcase the story of a Mangalik girl!!

Sony TV’s fiction show Bhoot Aaya will feature the story of a Manglik girl, who marries a Punjabi boy. Soon after her marriage, paranormal activities start occurring in her life…

Mangalik means the underline tones or shades, mystery and supernatural interference in a human being's life.

This particular story is about a Mangalik girl who falls in love with a Punjabi boy, belonging to a very rich and influential family. Following the ancient tradition, families get their kundali's matched and understand that the girl is Ghor Mangalik!

According to the beliefs, any man who himself is not a Manglik and gets married to one, is deemed to encounter an early death. In order to evade the ill effects of being Manglik the girl needs to get married to a Peepal tree.

The wedding takes place and the girl was unlocked to the doors of terror. The girl got married to the Peepal tree in which resided a male ghost who deliberately believed that the girl was his wife.

After the girl's marriage with the Peepal Tree, inexplicable events start occurring in her love life. Small but strange hindrances start happening from her marriage preparations and arrangements. After a course of time the ghost reveals and declares the girl as his rightful wife.



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