Bhoomi puts Krishnaben in another dilemma...

Krishnaben will see another problem coming her way in Sony TV's Krishnaben Khakhrawala

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Now that Bhoomi has convinced Krishnaben (Indira krishnan) and Ilesh to allow her to work, seems like more problem is awaiting the family.

In the coming episodes, viewers will see Bhoomi hire a maid going against her mother-in-law in Sony TV's Krishnaben Khakhrawala.

A source says, "As Bhoomi has started working, she will hire a maid named Sugandha to take care of the house hold chores. But she turns out to be like any other lazy maid who wastes time in leisure."

The source adds on the track, "There will be an instance wherein when Bapuji is watching television, Sugandha just busts in and takes hold of the remote and changes the channel. Krishnaben also realizes that Sugandha has not completed any of the assigned work. When the situation goes out of hand, a huge drama breaks up in the house, but to everyone's surprise Bhoomi takes the side of Sugandha. Later after the argument tension doubles up when Sugandha accidentally gives sleeping pills to Bapuji instead of his real medicines."

Will Krishnaben use her Krishnagiri to get rid of Sugandha? Will she make Bhoomi realize her mistake?

Watch the coming episodes of Sony TV's Krishnaben Khakrawala to find the answers…

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suresh555 9 years ago Kahani ko aage badane ke liye CVs kuch bhi karega

what a shame
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cuvsoon 9 years ago why are they showing such things.Can't an educated woman manage hose as well job properly .Now a days we see many women doing this .So why in a show like Krishnaben who herself as struggled to brought up her kids they show such negative things .
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ashwik_arvi10 11 years ago this is the copy of jack!! jack was a good movie
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TiaMaria93 11 years ago heeeeheeeheehehehehe....thrown out for stepping on the grass.. i'd luv to hear the funny comments n jokes the actors n crew wud have made following that grassy mess..HAHAHAH.... but...jeez...is this bollywood's version of benjamin button?? get original man.
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neh91 11 years ago finallly something different.....i was dying to c em work 2gether again....n gud luck to da crew..for future problems..
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helmet 11 years ago lol !! yeah din they ask b4 they cud shoot .....c'mon u shud know da rules 1st man

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I luv Shamit
I luv Shamit 11 years ago yah it's like benjamin button i think but in opposite like he gets older instead of younger. shldbe interesting!
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brownies 11 years ago This is a copy of "Jack" which had Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Fran Dresher and Jennifer Lopez in the film...that was a really cute film.
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ruexangel 11 years ago Did they not even ask? i mean cmon..
I havnt seen Benjamin button but i read he gets younger as he gets older..(ages backwards).. where as here concept is he is ageing, bcomin older coz of progeria (as sed in article). doesnt sound lyk copy to me! (even tho i agree copies kinda suk)
also yh London is a city, Cambridge university is in Cambridge (not London). lol @ dis
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A r y a n
A r y a n 11 years ago Lol true, its not in London. Still Cambridge aint that far from London. These days every new friggin movie is 'inspired' from a Hollywood movie. Enough now! This saddens me as Bollywood movies are no longer pure Bollywood!! Just show some nice foreign place, copy a Hollywood movie and there you have it. The formula for a super hit movie!

Originality and creativity is lost!
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