Bharti to meet with an accident in Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo..

Bharti will go missing after an accident in Imagine's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo...

It's a merry time in Imagine's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo as the family is rejoicing the entry of the new member in the family, i.e Bharti and Murli's kid. But it is also shown that Bharti (Juhi Aslam) is getting intuitions of something wrong with Murli (Vikrant Massey).

In the coming episodes, the show will see a turning point in the life of Murli and Bharti during their trip to Vaishnodevi.

Says a source, "In the forthcoming episodes, Murli will plan a pilgrimage to Vaishnodevi Temple. Though Bharti will be dubious about the idea, the family succeeds in convincing her to take the trip. They will assure her that nothing will happen in the spiritual place."

"But the unexpected happens when Bharti and Murli get caught in a landslide in Vaishnodevi. Many will fall off from the cliff and Bharti happens to be one among them. Murli tries alot to find her. The family is shell shocked and assume that Bharti is dead."

When TellyBuzz contacted, Juhi Aslam said, "Yes, Bharti will meet with an accident in the coming episodes, but I cannot reveal much details regarding this."

We also hear that there is a possibility of Bharti and Murli getting separated. But the creative team will take a final call on the future track in the coming days. The leap of five years is also slated to happen soon.

Will Bharti get separated from her family and the love of her life Murli?

Catch all the interesting twists in the coming episodes of Imagine's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo…

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Pynka 9 years ago Karan wahi happy friendship day.you are looking stanning with bharti.2011-08-07 04:32:26
addicted1 9 years ago Oh Lord, pl put some brain into the heads of these CVs! What's their problem? We want them happy together, at least for a while, becharon ko zara chayen ki saans to lene do! Stupid, i am not gonna watch it anymore, if one of the leads is out! What about this useless chimti? CVs seems to love her lots! At least, since two days she has nothing to say, micro achievement!
nsonia95 9 years ago not a bad idea...but hope they don't stretch this topic for a long time! otherwise it'll all be sad moments, n we don't want that! :S:P

btw, wasn't it a 8-year leap?

anyways, wish the team gud luk n congratulate them for their work! (Y)2011-08-05 15:16:51
Tahmina16 9 years ago what is wrong with the stupid CV, cant they have a show there the leads do not get separated.
-Nirvana- 9 years ago Omg What about the baby,terrible idea!! oo Bharti
fuzzyface 9 years ago wow the leads gets separated for years. Why can't they CVs ever change
sumisa91 9 years ago Yes Rakhie! I'm hell bent against it! Its ok for that landslide bit but no separation, no ways pleaseee! I can't tolerate such a thing...! I feel my BP just rising!!!
Rakhie_08 9 years ago This leap news was revealed months ago and at the time we were told 'in a few weeks time', months later, it is still a few weeks time! Hahaha. But why is Bharti who always has to face problems. And a short separation is fine, but if it's a long one, HELL NO!
bavdfan 9 years ago i don't really get what they deliver this notice of a leap so soon since there is a lot going on already.

a separation between the two would be a good track in my opinion. i want to see how they handle it.
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