Bharti stops Murli's wedding, gets shot

Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo has a bag full of drama ready to tear as Bharti succeeds in stopping Murli's wedding...

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The last episode of Imagine TV's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo saw Bharti regaining memory back but gets dumped by Murari and his son in a room.

Now after learning about Murli (Vikrant Massey) getting married to other girl, Bharti tries her best to stop the wedding.

Our source spills the beans and states, "Bharti will once again run away from the trap of Bapuji and will reach Murli's house. Murari (Darpan Shrivastava) and Karthik (Saillesh Gulabani) follow Bharti to catch her back but she reaches till the door of Murli's house. Seeing this Karthik shoots Bharti thinking that if she enters the house, their reality will be no more a secret. But Bharti succeeds in entering the house back which eventually stops Murli's wedding. Bharti will later on be moved to a nearby Hospital."
Juhi Aslam though confirmed the buzz states, "It will be more interesting if you watch the show."

Whether Bharti survives or no will be revealed as the show progress. So you know what you have to do...

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Megha Bissa

Vikrant Massey Sailesh Gulabani Juhi Aslam Darpan Shrivastava Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo  Imagine 

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uaassshi 9 years ago Wat ever b the story but im happy Bharti reached there & saw Murli as she wished to God but she shud also not die bcoz it wont be good then...
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.Vrish. 9 years ago The story was technically inaccurate. Murli & Vani had already completed the pheras and varmala exchange, so their marriage is done. Things like sindoor & mangalsutra are just formalities @ the end, but once the vows have been taken during the pheras, the marriage is done.

Only thing stopping it is that Bharti's marriage is registered, or at least a court divorce was stopped, whereas Vani has no such recognition.
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simibrar1990 9 years ago Finally !!
bharti wins like a slow and study wins the race !!
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gwynn24 9 years ago i don't watch this show...but others do. it's understandable that people want their fav show back but that does not mean u should insult another show. Plus, ur fav actors have already moved onto new shows, go watch them.2011-11-11 14:30:41
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Yuvika_15 9 years ago this show had a lot of potential... and was a unqiue concept..i wish they didnt turn it in2 a typical drama... it shud hav centred around bharti's fight 2 prove tht being a dwarf doesnt make her less than any1 else... bt the shw neva seems 2 focus on tht...bharti is portrayed as a weak individual wen it cums 2 standing up 4 her own rights
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Ambz 9 years ago After a very long time got somr info on BAVD so im glad & happy dat Bharti ran to stop the wedding but y shot.Plsss not again suffering & pain in our Murti life.Let them meet...
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Fattoom 9 years ago I dont know y imagine tv ended our fvrt n the best serial ever ( Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2 ) n they didnt ended this boring n stupid show ;\
no body watches this stupid show , so y its running till now ?!!!
imagine tv should get a life .. n the most stupid thing is that they r coming with the 4th season of that flop show suwyamvar ;\ with that hateful stupid vina malik ;\ imagine tv should b closed if they cant give us lovely shows like Kitani any more .. go n get a life imagine ..2011-11-11 05:04:14
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bips 9 years ago @roxy

probably only the people in the (unimaginative)imagine office
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SheVi4life 11 years ago ..so they never went out......hmmm...well surprise surprise they should...
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Mazzy101 11 years ago thts nice tht they are stll friends! and tht she tries to become btr friends with ppl who she is working wth! luv these days!
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