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Bharti Singh gets lessons from Kangana Ranaut!

Bharti Singh takes classes from Kangana who makes an appearance on the show Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali to promote her flick Rajjo…

Bharti has always been the flirtatious girl who always tries her luck on all the male celebrities visiting the show.

But in the upcoming episode of Sony TV's longest running comedy show Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali, Bharti gets some lessons to woo them from the one and only stunning heroine, Kangana Ranaut.

Once Bharti's act is over, she requested Kangana to teach her how to dance and walk so that guys go gaga for her. Kangana obliges and starts teaching her the dance on 'Jhulmi re Jhulmi', the popular song from her forthcoming film Rajjo'.

She also shows Bharti the walk from the movie Fashion'. She walks on the song 'Jalwa' leaving everyone spellbound. Bharti then tries to do the same but ends up making everyone on the set roll over their seats and laugh. If not the glamorous fashion star, Bharti surely is the comedy star!


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Budtameez 6 years ago I think the headline "Bharti Singh gets lessons from Kangana Ranaut" is incorrect...
It should read "Kangana Ranaut gets lessons from Bharti Singh about doing 'Splits'!" LOL..
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