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Bharti has a new concern post leap..

Bharti gets worried about her son post leap in Imagine's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo...

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Imagine's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo, produced by Raakesh Paswan and Nikhil Sinha, is going see a leap of few years after which viewers will get to see some happy moments in the life of Bharti (Juhi Aslam) and Murli  (Vikrant Massey).

The show in a few weeks time will take an eight year leap wherein Murli and Bharti will be blessed with a healthy boy without any complications for Bharti. The family gets a double celebration after Gaushala (Ashita Dhawan) delivers a girl.

But even after having a healthy baby there is something that Bharti is still worried of.

A source says, "The opening track post the leap will have Bharti worried, as she fears history being repeated. Her son is now 8 years old, and the fact that her growth got arrested at the same age is a matter of concern for her".

We contacted Juhi Aslam and she said, "We are right now shooting the scene wherein Gaushala's mother will get to know about my complications after which she will plan to black mail me for the property."

Ashita Dhawan commented, "Even we have heard about the show taking a leap but we haven't shot anything related to it."

Get ready for the interesting twists post leap in Baba Aiso Varr Dhundho!

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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simibrar1990 9 years ago Thank God !!! story moves on .. i wish that its hopefully moves happily without any bad tricks of gau and chimti..2011-07-14 01:57:56
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HaHaHeHe-Hupp 9 years ago nainakkk

hay just kidding , i am vigilant of the fact that post 8 years leap her height not gonna increase in any way , yeah after giving birth to shona kid there will many come pecaeful and pleasant moments in her lyfe . same thoughts even here , i dont want her kid to get suffered from same disease bharti is ..
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nainakkk 9 years ago lool vikrant_shonit i dont think her height will increase but her being alive after giving birth will be a happy moment for everyone hopefully her child will not be like her :(
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nsonia95 9 years ago Thank god!! the biggest concern for us rite now was whether bharti will survive or not! i'm soo happy that she n the baby will be ok! :D
i really hope now no twists will be brought in with the baby...after so much pain bharti's got some happiness...don't bring tears into her eyes again! Plzz Cv's..2011-07-10 14:51:23
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HaHaHeHe-Hupp 9 years ago after eight years leap , bharati length will increase or still remains same , there gonna come some changes or only happy moments will come?
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fuzzyface 9 years ago At least story moves forward. Plz CVs knock off chimti, she is unbearable.
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Diyamirzaxxxgul 9 years ago Yyeeesss!!atleast dey gt dere chilld i hate wattchiin bhartii cryy 4 herr dis means bharti will give birth first den gau i ryyt??2011-07-08 04:13:10
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bavdfan 9 years ago So after being blackmailed by gau and her mother, bharti is still willing to leave near them? She is so naive...
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-nautankidollz- 9 years ago hmmm i
okay this sounds like a sensible trackl
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act12 11 years ago why do they always copy, don they have ideas of their own damn, well if they don then they shud read the FFs created by the fans, maybe that will give them ideas, what a joke!!!!
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