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Bhagyavidhaata's major twist this week..

The male protagonist Vinay will be forced to marry Bindiya at gun point this week in COLORS' show Bhagyavidhaata..


COLORS' show Sab Ki Jodi Wahi Banaata..Bhagyavidhaata , produced by Shreya Creations will see a major twist this week wherein the male protagonist Vinay (Vishal Karwal) gets kidnapped and is wedded to Bindiya (Richa Soni) at gun point.

According to our source, "A major conspiracy is planned by the female protagonist Bindiya's mother, uncle and brother to get her married to the son of the affluent Sinha family by force. Before they could work on their plan, they send Bindiya's father on some work to another town, so that he does not prove to be a hurdle in the secret marriage. In the meantime, preparations are on in the Sinha house as Vinay is getting married to some other girl. Raja, brother of Bindiya with the help of the local goon, Pappu Singh plans to kidnap Vinay when his baraat is all set to reach the girls' place, but they alter their plans for some reasons".

"Vinay has the Haldi ka Rasm at his place, and is advised not to step out of the house. As the Sinha family is cozily sleeping waiting for dawn when their son will get married, Vinay steps out at night to enjoy his bachelors' party with friends without the knowledge of his family. And this is where he gets kidnapped by Bindiya's family and is forced into marrying the girl at gun point on the same night", adds our source.

The abduction episode will be shown this Tuesday and the wedding will happen on Wednesday.

"The goon Pappu Singh who is the master mind has another reason for choosing the son from Sinha family to be the sacrificial lamb. He has some enmity going with the Sinhas and he takes revenge by getting Raja's sister married to the boy from the house", further adds our source.

The story post marriage will be an acid test for Bindiya as she will be disliked by the Sinha family and will not be accepted as the Bahu of the house.

Watch the gripping kidnap followed by the wedding at gun point this week in Bhagyavidhaata..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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raanya 11 years ago this show is copy oh sahara one's ghar ek sapna...nt at all interesting
d.y. 11 years ago this story seems like mera ghar ek sapna on sahara one
Mona_Maurya 11 years ago Atleast story takes some steps forward....Now it'll increase some interest....
gurl-enchanted 11 years ago wooo! finally something interesting in this show except Bindiya's endless tears
Tainted Angel
Tainted Angel 11 years ago thanx....
what a twist, looks like a must watch episode!!
viniva sharma
viniva sharma 11 years ago had h yar!!! ye kya tareeka h?? bt twist mast h!!! poor bindya!!!
Sony_1234 11 years ago lol this is the twist????? what an unexpected twist.
anyone who watches the show can obviously guess it.
any ways thanks for the article
Miss.Supriya 11 years ago cant w8 to watch the epi!
poor bindiya!
*Shruti* 11 years ago Let's see how Vinay-Bindiya react when they see each other!!
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