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BEST of Pick of the Week--2007!

Hello Friends to the POTW Special...Lets revisit some of the Most hilarious, rib tickling and phunny.. moments of 2007 with Telly Buzz and POTW Team !

Published: Saturday,Jan 05, 2008 17:05 PM GMT-07:00
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Lets Start the New year with Memories of 2007 as we bringing in the Funniest Moments of Pick of the Week ,in the year 2007. Special Thanks to the Development Team of IF for their Support and Input!
Top Ten Bloopers of the year 2007!

Banoo Main Teri Dulhan..

Sagar finds a picture of him and Vidya and realises that they are married to each other, but how can they have a picture of their "First Night" when it was Vidya's dream?? Apparently in serials, we are having pictures of dreams too... Technology is getting better and better or Directors are getting.....Please Fill in


Devika and Robbie go to a hotel and come back home. Robbie and Kasturi meet at the temple after which they go to airport, then Devika and Robbie attend the press conference at Bangalore, and again Devika comes back to Delhi,. Meanwhile Kasturi and her sisters go to Sabharwal house for Teej pooja...tired of reading, are you? Don't be, as all this happened in a DAY! Longest day ever! Is it happening on earth or some other Planet! They could be Aliens.


They showed that Milind has built the whole hotel empire in in just 2 months.. However till last month he was in ?!! He came to one month ago, so how did he build the empire in 2 months, technically in a month? With Bill Gates now the second richest man, he might employ Milind to help him retain number 1 spot!!


Its been 20 odd years in Mamta..Krish has grown up from a small cute kid, Mamta has changed ..but Akshay's watch is still the same,which he is using from the past 20 years,seems like he can live without his wife and son, but not without his watch, which should have been in Museum by now.

Kumkum-Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan

Kumkum is not so young as they are showing her. She has two grown up children and she was to become grand mother soon, where as here in the village, director is showing her like a young girl and even they are arranging her marriage, with a boy who is probably an age-mate of her sons. They should understand that though she is young in real life, she is old in reel life. How could they ignore her “wrinkles” suggesting that she is probably aged 40+? Or is it that Kumkum has got a 'Vardaan' of being Young for life?

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Sudha, went and questioned all the Virani's for Tripti's murder. Later she went to question Tulsi and she tells her that she remembers her, she has seen her before, she is the one who had murdered her son..... But didnt Tulsi , have a plastic surgery, after Ansh was murdered? It was Smriti then playing Tulsi and not Gautami... So how does the Inspector mouth the words, "Aapko pehli kahi dekha hai"... She should leave her job here and should try her luck as head of Scotland Yard, the best Police Department of the World! What say?

Choona Hai Aasman

When Samrat got hit by a bullet and Abhimanyu brings him home,Sameera helps him with bare hands..wait a second... a moment ago, in the show she was having bandage on her right hand which went missing, but it came back later again .We call this the Vanishing Act of Bandages and wound. And this is not all, they talk on Walkie-talkie like they are on mobile phones as each walkie talkie comes with device, but here its always missing , and they usually talk all private and confidential stuff out in open. God Bless our Air Force and Army if we have recruits as intelligent as them in future!

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki

Chotu is sleeping and suffering from a fitful set of flashbacks.This scene should have been a torture to watch, but when watched closely, we saw that the flashbacks Chotu was suffering from were scenes from Prem and Mukti's love story (KZK)!! Haila! Does this mean that Chotu will finally solve the mystery of Mukti's murder, albeit in another serial altogether? Or maybe Chotu is really our Prem/UD in disguise? Any premika can recognise those scenes in an instant, so does Ekta and her creatives think we are stupid or just plain blind? Pick your options please!

Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki..

After a whole day of hard work in the kitchen, Pari arrives in Dadaji's room with his Badam Milk...however, while in the previous scene her hair was waist length, as usual, now it barely reaches below her shoulders, and is tied in a pony tail!! and what's more, it's back to being waist length the next morning...Ramji ki mayya, huh?! Kash we had the luxury of altering our hair length in that fashion. The saloons might juts go out of business !!!!

Kasamh Se

The three sisters's house in was destroyed by Ranveer long time back on the orders of Jai Walia ,but later Jai had ordered Ranveer to rebuild the house again at the same spot and nothing was to be amiss. Years later, now when the three sisters return to their house in for a variety of reasons, they find the interior of the house in the same condition as before!!! How come? Ranveer may have been forced to re-build the house, but how would he manage to get all the stuff inside in the same position, including the dust. Wonder whether Ranveer had taken snaps of each nook and cranny of the house before ordering the demolition. Here extra carefulness of creatives lead to their misery!

Soaps/Show : Featured Most number of Times in Blooper Category in 2007

They proved that if there exists any Blooper paradise on this earth ..its here with them Safe and Sound!

Mamta , Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi , Chona hai aasman , Kasturi , Dill Mill Gaye

Soaps/Shows : Featured Least Number of Times in Blooper Category in 2007 are..

Virrudh and Baa Bahu aur Baby

Bloopers Commited by the Team of Pick of the Week!

Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan :

When there was no electricity at Uncle Verma's house, Karan came there and rang the doorbell. How is that possible? If there is no electricity the doorbell can't work! Miracles do happen in Indian soaps.

But we forgot that Bells could work on as well!


When Sushant enters the office and asks Pandey jee as to why he is not smiling infront of the DRS cabin,he was not carrying any bag...but in the very next scene when he enters DRS office he was carrying one!! Now question is who has given him that..director,spotboy or Smriti Irani..ball is in your court!

Unfortunately the Bag was always with Sushant !

Hope you all enjoyed the Ride down the ! Start  your New year with a Hearty Laugh! Keep Laughing and Keep Looking for Bloopers !

Wishing all our Readers a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2008

Concept and Author : Nishtha
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Nazneen @SiriuslySujal 15 years ago Being away from home, I don't get to watch many serials, but it's nice to read about them and their famous bloopers! I CANNOT believe they did something as big and stupid as put KZK flashbacks in KGGK!!!!!!! What are editors for nowadays? LOL!!
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Prachi @my_sunshine86 15 years ago I didn't understand the walkie-talkie blooper. That's how they'd normally communicate right? b/c cell phones probably don't have service, but those radios are supposed to be controlled thru satellites and ranges determined for proper use.
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Ask Me @Fazila~ 15 years ago hahahahha.....wow u guys are gr8...........excellent article.....
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Not Given @Chippeshwini 15 years ago ahaha as much as I looove DMG... it def. belongs in the most bloopers category lol.
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Sangita @sangitadas 15 years ago Thanks Nishu for these hilarious moments.

Looking fwd to more POTWs :)
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Priyanka @pribhu 15 years ago DMg is the best although it is in the most number of bloopers category:L
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MiMi @MiMi_19 15 years ago Can someone tell me that y isn't Prerna from kasuti zindagi ki getting old. i mean she is a grandmother and her grandson is about 25 then y on earth she looks like she is 30 yrs old. its just too fake to accept
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mitali patel @Mitu1228 15 years ago This is very funny. KS thin was really odd. Not possible same with Kayamat
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Selina @ShellyB 15 years ago biggest bloopers in Balaji serials are the senior actors age, i mean tulsi being 55 is ridiculuos considering she has grandchildren that are in their mid 20's lolssssss and worst of all is actually when mihir says to jas thakral me and tulsi have been married for the past 50 years so dat wud mean tulsi was 5 yrs old when she married mihir hahahahahaaaaaaaa
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Nishtha @Nishtha 15 years ago urber..dont underestimate CHA,Mamta and KDMH as well hehe
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