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Best Dance Moves - I

If there has ever been a dance style so defiant of generic norms but so immensely popular, worldwide, ...

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If there has ever been a dance style so defiant of generic norms but so immensely popular, worldwide, it has to be our very own Bollywood Dance Style.

Why... or even how...?!

Our home cinema's dance moves are perhaps the only kind in a world which form an amalgamation of every possible, and impossible, dancing style ever witnessed. From classical Indian, to ultra Western, Bollywood dancing goes international in a way no one else does, and gathers nit-wits from all eras of time line. Disco, Jazz, Latin Dancing, Spanish, Ballroom, Folk, Hip Hop, Free Style... or simply, Add-your-own-punk! Bollywood incorporates, masters and showcases every move made on the face of the planet, in style, and flair!

The best Box Office entertainers boast of dances that live long after them, the best stars on screen and behind the scenes are those who get your feet tapping! Talking of behind the scenes, one must but pay a due tribute to the role of Choreographers in our industry for this immense love of dancing in Bollywood, and among its countless fans! To name a few top of the list Choreos of recent times -  Ahmed Khan, Raju Khan, Vaibhavi Merchant, Shiamak Davar, Saroj Khan, Remo, Farah Khan, Geeta Kapur...et al.

And keeping in mind all the craze for these much imitated and oft addictive dance moves, BollyCurry goes back to look at the Best Dance Moves from the year put behind us.

With a list of 14 Best Dance Steps '10, we bring you the first installment, complete with info on how-to move your hand, leg, hip, shoulder etc. to take those party dance floors by storm!

Take a look...

1. Hip-Hits
Song: Sheila ki Jawaani, I'm Too Sexy For You...
Movie: Tees Maar Khan
Sexy Babe Katrina Kaif sizzling on this hot number has bagged universal wolf whistles for all her booty work! An irresistible power packed entertainer at the close of the year. Shift your weight from one leg to the other and move your hips outwards to get Sheila's move and groove the dance floor with your friends. Belle dance is the basic style improvised to a Bollywood version.

2. Hand-Moves
Song: Uff Teri Adda, I Like The Way You Move...
Movie : Karthik Calling Karthik
Deepika trying to get her shy boy fan Farhan on the dance floor and show his moves! Tweaking around an imitation the the popular "Kajrare" hand gesture first rendered an onscreen hit by the lovely Aishwarya in Bunty Aur Bubli, Dippy takes over the center stage with her own ada-licious style in "Uff Teri Ada". This peppy number gave the audiences the signature step to add to the long list of Bolly dancing in style!

3. Hip-Moves

Song: Munni Badnaam, Darling Tere Liye...
Movie: Dabangg
Transiently in legal soup with the entire Emami and Zandu Balm controversy, this song took no while in reigning the chartbusters after its album release. The sensuous and scintillating Malaika Arora Khan had the entire nation dancing to the Munni tunes, especially with the classic hip grooving! It was heard during the making of Dabaang, that this item number had been brought in with the very idea of upping the hype factor as a last minute call very close to the release date of the movie, and what a success the idea turned out to be!

4. Hand-Roll
Song: Dhanno, People On The Floor...
Movie: Housefull
The multi starrer Housefull may not have managed a houseful status at BO, but this remake of the popular soundtrack "Apni To Jaise Taise" from yesteryear superhit Laawaris was jut as much a chartbuster this second time round in its "Dhanno" version. Released in the former half of 2010, "Dhanno" served as just the song for every successful Bachelor party, in particular! The side-cross hand punch and the roll done by Arjun Rampal was an absolute selling move. The move backwards while rolling the hand signature "Dhanno" step sure set the song a new found immortality status in the clubs.

5. Chest-Moves
Song: Zor Ka Jhatka, Move It Like That...
Movie: Action Replayy
The baap of all wedding songs ever made! "Zor Ka Jhatka" is just the kind of track you want to play and jest at any newly weds with. Of course, its signature step, chest in and out in sync with the alternate up and down hand move is just what it takes to get the young and old dancing to the semi retro beat! A big wide smile is cherry on the top. One of our personal favorites, this one goes out to everyone who has undergone shaadi ka jhatka in 2010!

6. Legs-move

Song: Pump it Up, We're Gonna Get It On...
Movie: Chance Pe Dance
A gravity defying choreography and Shahid-i-licious dancing is all it takes to get the audience rooting. "Pump It Up" flaunts the step ball change. The movement of one foot behind followed by the other one ahead, simultaneously! You can even jump slightly to make it more fun. The movement is carried out by crossing your right leg in front of your left and then bringing your left to join your right. Now cross your right leg behind your left and again bring your left leg to join your right. Released start of year 2010, Chance Pe Dance may not have been a cash ringer at BO, but it sure raised the bar several notches for the dancing crowd. Of course, having eye candy Shahid lead the group has its many advantages!

7. Leg Moves

Song: Dil Khol Ke, Let's Rock...
Movie: We are Family
Somersault is the dancing theme in the karaoke club setting of this song. A emulation of the legend that was Elvis. Moving like a duck making a wrist foot and walking. Knock knees is the dance move used that simply involves moving your knees in and out, simultaneously, and the upbeat composition is just what peps the overall effect. Kajol, Kareena, Arjun give some classic moves in this jazz rock 'n' roll track, making up for all else that it lacks.

That's it from us, for now. Watch out for installment two, without forgetting to have your say on this first list! 

Editors: Medha & Naseem

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