Benaf Dadachandji on her reel and real life...

Benaf Dadachandji, of Ba Bahu aur Baby, talks about her challenging role in Ba Bahu aur Baby, her ideal pass time, and much more. Read On!

  talks about her character in Star's Ba Bahu aur Baby, and the difference between Radhika and Benof, and her experince about the 300ft Birthday Card! Read on to find out more...
How do you feel doing this challenging role of a handicapped girl?
It's challenging, but sweet. She is a wonderful character. She has been very positive about everything in life, and it's very real to life. There is no rona dhona, no 24/7 self pity. She is always jovial, and loves life. Thanks what I love about my character.

How does you relate herself to this character
Other than the fact that she is a positive girl, and loves to live in a joint family, I don't relate to her that much. Also, I am a very outgoing person, and love to travel, unlike her who loves being around the house.

Who is your favorite character in the serial and whom is she close to
I am close to Gattu but I love Meenakshi Bhabhi's character the most.

What is that one thing that you like to do as Benaf which is completely different to Baby?
I love to travel and do adventure sports like Scuba diving and trekkeing etc.

Any travel adventure experience you can recount?
Once I Scuba dived in malaysia, and it was fantastic.

Lastly, how does it feel owning this card and now that this is going to be featured in Limca book of records?
Obviously, it feels wonderful. My name is actually going to feature there, along with Gattu's, so that makes it even more special.


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benaf is a very cute actoress I ever seen. And, she is also beautiful as well. only she needs to develop her style.... I mean she must do serial in which she is heroine like kashish. She must wear trendy, fashionable dresses and make-up. I am telling you that this girl will beat all the others... she will be queen! even in baa bahu aur baby, she looks gorgeous. MY DEAR BENAF you are very innocent girl and I am crazy on your this cuteness. I am waiting to see you heroine... I pray to GOD about you... please give me ur email ID I m only 14 year old girl...

16 years ago

the episode of baby bday was reall cooyl

16 years ago

Awwww datz choo sweet! n she likez meenakshi'z character the most....just like me !

16 years ago

thanks for the sweet article like baby

16 years ago

wow, is it really going to be in the limka book.

16 years ago


16 years ago

thanks for the article.. she is so sweet

16 years ago

Thx for the lovely was great

16 years ago

Thanks 4 the article.

Baby Roxs. She looks soo pretty in Baa Bahoo aur Baby.

16 years ago

I watched the epi today! was all so sweet! Benaf ROCKS!!

16 years ago

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