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'Because of you we have got our daughter back' -Vivan Bhatena

'The best compliments I ever received were from my fiancee's parents, who told me that I had made a difference in their life'-says Vivan Bhatena in a heart to heart with RJ Minnie on IF Radio.

The debonair and drop dead gorgeous Vivan Bhatena is riding on the crest of a popularity wave, after his terrific portrayal of Shabd in in the popular Zee daily 'Maayka'. Millions of girls swoon at the mere mention of his name. However, fame or stardom has not made any difference to the attitude of this down to earth and humble actor, who is not only a practical person, but he is also a spiritual soul in his thinking.
He recently was on a One on One with Minnie on IF Radio. Here are excerpts of the interview:

What is the best compliment u have ever got?
By: Vandu4ever 

The best compliments I have got is from my girlfriend, her parents actually. She had gone through a phase when she was unable to communicate with her parents. When I entered her life and we started dating, somehow because of me or because of how I am,she got back talking to her parents, and in fact she got closer to them. So the best compliment was when her parents told me that because of you we have got our daughter back, she is much nicer of a person and she is communicating with us. I think if you can affect somebody’s life like that for the better, I think it’s a rare compliment.


Quite a few have asked if you are seeing someone…..and you just now mentioned her. So please share something about her with us.

Her name is Nikhila Palat, and she is not just my girlfriend, but also my fiancé.

I proposed to her on 22nd of July which was also her birthday. We were in Bangkok.

 What else can I say about her......She is a wonderful person and a very strong individual, a very motivated individual and she motivates me and has helped me grow in lots of ways and has exposed me to a lot of nuances in life which I wasn’t exposed to.
This was just an excerpt. To catch what this handsome actor has to share about his college days, about his first video "Maine Payal hai Chankai" or his movie stint with Chak De India or meeting the King Khan, with his fans, please tune into his interview, August 20, at 11 PM IST, only on IF Radio.
Author: Minnie Gupta
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Vivan Bhathena

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**sanya** 2007-08-18T07:32:10Z kwl
i like him
i like his smile

hes XxcutexX lol!!

cant wait 4 his interview
thesemoments 2007-08-17T17:20:30Z he's soo sweet! can't wait for the interview.
Bubbly_Shelly 2007-08-17T16:32:08Z Awww, Vivan seems so sweet! Can't wait to catch his interview! :D
MehwishBaloch 2007-08-17T14:56:05Z Great and i want say to him, wish him all the best :)
Barishkiduaa 2007-08-17T10:08:49Z he is such a cutieptie

love him lolz!

cant wait for the intervieuw!

mz.jess 2007-08-17T08:49:54Z aww thnx for this,
gooooood luck vivian & nikila for the future.
AnotherMiracle 2007-08-17T07:19:08Z thnxx a lot 4 this! Awwww...wishing him n his fiancee all the best of luck 4 the future! x x
sonalkhullar 2007-08-17T06:38:23Z omg...cant wait to hear him on IF radio....thanx...
anku2cute 2007-08-17T06:32:54Z awww such a lovely interview...Wishing Nikhila n Vivan gudluck for life :)
norzar 2007-08-17T04:49:50Z hi

thanks for this

all the best to vivan and his gf
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