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BB13: Vishal Singh Feels That Mahira is 'The Most Toxic Contestant'

Vishal Aditya Singh, who recently got evicted from the Bigg Boss house opened up about his relationship with ex-girlfriend, Madhurima Tuli. He also spoke about Mahira Sharma...


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Vishal Aditya Singh recently got evicted from the Bigg Boss 13 house. The wild card contestant was known for his relationship with Madhurima Tuli on the show and his bromance with housemate, Asim Riaz. His strife with now ex-girlfriend Madhurima was one of the biggest reasons the actor was in the news. 

Post his eviction, Vishal opened up about his relationship with Madhurima and spoke about his opinions on Mahira Sharma in an interview with TOI.

The actor was asked about the feud with his former girlfriend, Madhurima and if he provoked her to the extent to which she retorted to violence. He replied to the question saying, “Not at all. I retaliated only when she treated me badly, insulted or abused me.” 

He added that he wasn’t really keen on ever meeting her again and that he regrets not mentioning the makers about not getting Madhurima in the show, in his contract. 

“I won’t call our relationship a mistake, but we were two incompatible people trying to be together. We were wrong for each other. Having said that, uss ghar mein aisa koi hai hi nahi, jisne rishton ka tamasha na banaya ho, be it Rashami-Sidharth, Sana-Sidharth or Paras-Mahira,” added Vishal.

He also rubbished Madhurima’s allegations of being physically violent during their relationship saying, “If that was true, she would have said it earlier. I have never done that. Maine life mein kabhi bhi unke upar haath nahi uthaya hai.”

Apart from Madhurima, Vishal also spoke about Mahira Sharma. 

As per him, Mahira is the most toxic contestant inside the house, because she fights and creates a huge scene for unnecessary reasons.

On a related note, Bigg Boss will have the mall task to determine the first member to get a ticket to finale today. 

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