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#BB12: Sreesanth Slaps Rohit; FANS demand THIS!

Slapgate, Season-2?


Bigg Boss 12 is getting all more interesting and have us glued to the edge of our couches. Something interesting is always happening in the house. But things got shocking when it was revealed that former cricket player Sreesanth has slapped his co- contestant Rohit Suchanti in anger. Well, that is what 'a fan page' suggests as of now. 

Sreesanth gets instigated quickly and Rohit was doing the same. After taking his blabbering for sometime, Sree got up from his seat and slapped Rohit with all his might. He went on to break the one rule which everyone knows should not be broken. 

The rule of no physical violence.

Earlier, Shivashish Mishra had an unceremonious ouster from the house owing to physical violence and we see Sreesanth following the suit. The fans are now deciding the fate of Sreesanth with the tweets demanding his eviction.
Here are a few tweets who are making #EvictSreesanth and #KickoutSreesanth trend. 

Albeit, we are yet to see if the news is true and if Sreesanth has actually slapped Rohit. Yet, we know what the fans want. Should he be charged? Do let us know what you think? Write in the comments section below...

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Riana31 2018-12-04T12:09:52Z The way rohit behaved and unbelievably insulted sree... He deserves a dirty slap only !!!
heperchaun 2018-12-04T11:35:40Z good job sreesanth
slap rohit
ArianaGrande 2018-12-04T09:27:43Z LOL Rohit had it coming!!! If sreesanth really slapped Rohit, good! He needs many more!!
Forum_lurker 2018-12-04T06:47:30Z Rohit deserves to be slapped
Amita10 2018-12-04T06:26:30Z No he should not be evicted. I am glad he slapped that looser.
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