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#BB12: Due to a NO DECISION, the luxury budget task gets CANCELLED

It almost did not happen...


It has been a while since there has been a talk about the many things that happen in the luxury budget task every week, isn't it? Last week, we did see thing blowing out of proportion during the captaincy task between Rohit Suchanti and Megha Dhade.

However, the luxury budget this week has certainly invited a lot of talks, to say the least.

As known, the house is divided into two teams and the setting of the same is that of a panchayat (like the discussion panel in villages), where housemates are dressed accordingly too. And it did seem like everyone brought their A game into this week's task, there were several confrontations, minor fights, and altercations between the teams looking like everyone is pumped up for the task.

The pleasant surprise in the whole proceedings, however, was Dipika Kakar. The actress looked in full form as the leader of her group and her speeches and talks showed a side of her not many had seen so far.

The task was going neck-to-neck for a while, and it seemed that Dipika will go on to win for the team.

However, like the many times that has happened in Bigg Boss 12 before, the sarpanches couldn't arrive at a conclusion and hence the luxury budget task was cancelled.

But that did not mean that the captaincy contenders would be a problem. After the failure at the luxury budget task, the housemates somehow mutually decided and put forward the names of Dipika Kakar, Romil Choudhary, Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana for the upcoming week's captaincy.

Are you happy with the winners? Leave in your comments below...

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Meridipukakar 2018-11-30T12:47:10Z Dipika is the best contestant on bigg boss
thelastsuspect 2018-11-28T06:33:35Z Dipika always looks but in that task dipika looked extra beautiful
Dipika kakar FTW
Susan.Dsouza 2018-11-28T03:43:46Z Dipika kakar just nailed it in this task
ps she steal whole episode with her performance
Addictedlove 2018-11-28T01:26:37Z Congratulations Dipika kakar ta
Way to go!!! Girl u rock2018-11-28 04:21:26
SiMi615 2015-01-20T22:12:27Z P.C. Your acting is superb! I think you're a great person both inside and out!
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