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BB Marathi 2| Heena Panchal: I think the most adjusting & non-fighting person was me!

After Rupali and Abhijeet out of the game, Heena Panchal has been eliminated this week...


Colors Marathi’s one of the loved reality shows, Bigg Boss’ season 2 has completed half of its journey and the game is getting intense day by day. With Rupali and Abhijeet out of the game, this week Heena Panchal has been eliminated from the game. Heena who has always been a part of fights and arguments inside the house, has been evicted now. 

In an exclusive chat with India Forums, Heena shared with us about her journey in the show, fights and issues in the house and much more. 

How would you define your entire journey and experience of Bigg Boss Marathi 2?

My journey in Bigg Boss Marathi house was wonderful, amazing and mesmerizing. We used to have family get together on Saturdays, sometimes we all used to be saturated in our own zones. So, it was like a proper package of a family. 

What was your game plan and strategy?

I never had any kind of game plan, I just wanted to be myself and in fact I landed up being myself on the show. I always make sure whatever situation comes in front of me, I act accordingly and say what I feel. I’m not partial to people. While I remained intact with what I wanted to do, I took a stand straightforward in issues that I felt I needed to speak on. My strategy was to deal with situations on the spot. 

What according to you went wrong and led to your eviction?

I think whatever went wrong, it happened from my end itself. Last week, we had a nomination task and before that we had a captaincy task. We finished that and then we had nominations where you had to say about which two people you see with yourself in top three. Easily given one was Veena and I could have picked up Neha, but just because of my anger on what happened in captaincy task, I took Aroh’s name. So I think that went wrong. 

You have been allegedly called out by people for not being able to adjust in the house. What would you like to comment about that?

I think the most adjusting and non-fighting person was me in the house. Fighting on small topics I thought may have been some kind of content for people, but apart from that I don’t think I had any bad habit. I used to solve fights on big topics very easily. As a matter of fact, I don’t think my small topics were kind of a big issue. 

Who would you like to stay friends with after the show?

I would love to be friends with Madhav and Vaishali and rest I can be acquaintance with.  



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