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BB 15: Pratik breaks washroom lock while Vidhi was in; housemates revolt

While him breaking the lock wouldn't be a hugely deal as such, what would be a bigger concern is that he would do it while Vidhi Pandya was in it.

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Pratik Sehajpal

As was seen in yesterday's precap, tonight's episode was all about Karan Kundrra taking over and unleashing his mastermind-esque qualities. From controlling the entire plan to create a feud between the OTT trio - Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhat to also actually voicing his feelings on the back about Sehajpal and Jay Bhanushali, Kundrra seems to be playing this game in fast-forward and establishing himself.

But tomorrow will be a different day and it will be interesting one indeed. The precap showed how the jungle vaasis would go on to tease and trouble Sehajpal in their own way but in a fun manner.

However, it seems Sehajpal would not take it in the right spirit after a point of time where he would go on break the washroom's lock. And while him breaking the lock wouldn't be a hugely deal as such, what would be a bigger concern is that he would do it while Vidhi Pandya was in it.

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When Pandya would come out and confront it, the same would turn into a ruckus. Kundrra would also step in and slam Sehajpal for doing it where the latter would keep saying he doesn't care who was in the washroom or bit and he just did it.

Kundrra, Pandya and Tejasswi Prakash would join together with a few other housemates to give Sehajpal a piece of themselves.

On a parallel note, the house will be witnessing its first captain as well and according to current rules, the captain will be elected from the Bigg Boss OTT trio - Sehajpal, Bhat and Shetty.

It will be interesting to see who will be the first and new captain.

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TheLostWriter 1 months ago lock works from inside not outside . he broke the outside lock.
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Camren11 1 months ago I'm neutral towards him but this dude is seriously so dumb and brainless he keeps making these stupid and irrational decisions... he was doing sort of well during the last 3 days and was gaining some fans but he had to go and mess it up again just like he did in OTT he will gain fans and then lose it cause of his own stupidity and decision making skills .. I hope Salman goes off at him..I don't think he can win the show if he keeps acting like this .. he needs to tone it down a notch and listen to others.. he has major attitude issues and is way too stubborn
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josh135 1 months ago Disgusting!
Reply thumbs-up 3 thumbs-down 1
naaznin 1 months ago If Pratik can't learn to respect other's personal space he should be evicted
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suresh555 1 months ago Are big boss and prateik a couple? Or else why is this freak getting away without any consequences? I used to love watching this show but this year the show is a sick joke. For every tantrum of ms sehajpal, there is no consequence unless someone else gets to pay for it. Stopped watching but reading updates to see how low will they stoop
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Guneet80 1 months ago Wtf is wrong with Prateik? He's displaying such horrible, pathetic behaviour. Uncivilised ugh
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priya185 1 months ago Prateik should be evicted from bigg boss house, he keeps destroying property. Rules seem to apply to everyone except him
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