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BB 15: I can do nothing if you think contestants are being treated unfairly - Vijay Vikram Singh to fans

Vijay Vikram Singh spoke to Indian Forums and also spoke about being a an avid follower of Bigg Boss right since season one and facing trolls.

Published: Friday,Jan 21, 2022 15:34 PM GMT-07:00
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Vijay Vikram Singh

There's a whole crew behind any reality show and so many people are involved in the show at various levels. Colors' reality show Bigg Boss is also one such show that involves a large crew, apart from Salman Khan and the contestants who we see on the TV screens. Vijay Vikram Singh, the narrator of Bigg Boss, spoke to India Forums briefly, and during the conversation, we asked him if he has an all time favourite, and has had a favourite in any season so far, among other things.

He tells us,

''I won't talk about seasons, there are protocols. When I wasn't a part of the show, I have followed the first three seasons and followed it like crazy and it continues but there's a sense of objectivity now. I remember, back in season 3 when Raju Srivastav ji was eliminated I was hurt. But yes, you follow the show and you should know what's happening but favourite, you avoid it.''

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Meanwhile, we also asked him to send out a message to the viewers and to the fans. And apart from wishing them well, he also urged viewers to not bash him as a result of what happens on the show. He said,


A lot is in store and you need to watch what's ahead, and keep loving us. But remember this, that if you think contestants are being treated unfairly in any show, be it a dance show or singing show or Bigg Boss, I can do nothing and it is not in my hands. Don't abuse me on my social media and don't message me. I am just a voice artist working in different shows. I put Special Ops photos recently, and there's a war going on and I didn't reply, someone else replied to me. Until people don't tell me anything, I don't get affected but if I or my family is involved, then I had to block them. How can someone involve my kids and my wife, one should have that understanding.


Vijay is also an actor, and is known for his roles in Special Ops and The Family Man, among others.

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sanayalover1 3 months ago KK first Chokeslammed Pratik, he was warned them again he kicked him in balls was he evicted? Second time Pratik even said about this. But when Umar was punished Pratik even said it was not big deal and happens in task.
After eviction of Umar Teja also hit Pratik with iron tool. Why she was not evicted then. Rashmi few days back told in live feed to Rajeev about devo throwing bottle which was not shown in episode or live feed. When Umar was pushed into pool he was not even able to breathe and it was not discussed in WKW and he was blamed for it too. Umar was called aatankwadi was it discussed?

If u can't see this as partiality then u are too blinded by Hatem not defending Umar here. But rules should be same for all. You can't tweek rules for others. Umar's growing popularity was a threat for makers and it's fixed winners. Otherwise why unnecessary bashing or bringing Asim.
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BiloxiBlues 3 months ago Happy recovery to this gentleman. And what he’s said is pretty cool!

Meanwhile: For the four hundred and seventy-three millionth, one hundred and ninety-three thousand, seven hundred and eighty seventh time. Slowly, and clearly this time so you get it (and I know you still won’t or don’t want to, get it through your dense head): Umar broke the rules. That violent push was the worse thing I’d ever seen, and completely uncalled for, on that show.

While I was shocked with it, it was all the more disgusting to learn that he’d been warned about his violence. Apparently, others HMs were violent too, but they STOPPED after being warned. He did not! Enough of the crap-fest of “unfair evictions.” If you continue parroting your BS, then I’m sorry for you. No one, I repeat, NO ONE is above the rules! Sheesh, why do I even bother? I feel crappy just having to go down to this level to explain this simple fact.
Reply Show Responses (1) thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down 4
priya185 3 months ago They unfairly evicted Umar. But this man Vikram is just a voice artist. We are angry with Manisha and the makers
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