Basera's Navratri ends unceremoniously

A very happy Navratri celebration has a shocking and distressing end on NDTV Imagine’s Basera.

The big joint family of NDTV Imagine's Basera, has a perfect celebration of Navratri until a terrible disaster bombs over them.

The Navratri episode of Basera is not just set up to be all fun and celebration, but has  some unexpected turn of events included in the story line. According to our source, "Navratri celebrations are in full swing when Shantanu (Amit Jain) decides to propose Nandini (Priya Bhatija). He tells her his feelings, but due to the loud music Nandini is not able to hear anything. So he holds her hand and takes her to Baa's room, where it's less noisy and proposes her."

Amit confirms this as he says, "Yes I do propose her." So does he go down on his knees? Amit replies, "No I don't. Something should be left to do in real life, isn't it?"

A little birdie from the sets however, tells us that Nandini too accepts Shantanu's proposal. But the happy atmosphere due to their romance and the dandiya, comes to an abrupt halt soon after.

Tells our source, "Just when the whole family is completely content with the day's festivities a terrible incident happens. Ketan Sanghvi (Yash Dasgupta) is arrested in front of all the family members. He is humiliatingly made to wear handcuffs and is dragged to the police station."

Apparently Ketan is arrested over a tiff between a gang of rich boys and poor boys. Our source also tells us, "Ketan is actually set-up. He is innocent. However, the incident has a deep effect on him."

So let's see how the Sanghvi family gets over this scandalous episode in their lives!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (33)

It is a comedy movie and full of entertainment and Akshay Kumar's acting is amazing and Katrina Kaif looking gorgeous. I really enjoy this movie.

6 years ago

hi.i hve been watching basare every night i just love it as we were watching KASMSHA before so every one is great.

14 years ago

wow finally proposes her.. cant wait to watch it..

14 years ago

wow finally he propse her....
gr8 news. thx

14 years ago

i saw the epi .... its sad that between such happy moments they've to face such happenings

14 years ago

watched the episode.its really a gud one but at the ending everything got spoiled with policemen entry.but shantanu n nandini's part was also very cute n the way the whole family was enjoying was rocking.n ketan ,i think now he will regret 4r chosing a wrong path

14 years ago

4 1/2 out of 5 is definitely way to high! I would give it a 1 or 2. It was terrible, not that funny i must have laughed 3 times in the film and actually meant it. The storyline was pointless, just didnt get the message behind it, was there even one?

15 years ago

i havent watched till now but everyone is advising me to must watch!

15 years ago

worst movie i ever saw. bachna was rated bad and this one excellent !! can't believe it. over rated movie.... could not understand what it wanted to deliver to public..

15 years ago

I Love this movie AKshay is my favorite actor and he should get the best actor award because he deserves it n i really liked sudhansho, neha, javed n katrina and the songs were FANTASTIC.

15 years ago

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