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Barrister Babu: Will Bondita expose Chandrachur after discovering the truth?

Barrister Babu is about to witness another high point amid the marriage festivities and it will be interesting to see what happens ahead.

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Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu on Colors is about to witness another series of high voltage drama as the enmity between Chandrachir and Somnath is only rising where the latter has brunt Thaku maa's haveli when everyone is asleep. Anirudh then heads to Krishnanagar and helps Bondita save everyone. Meanwhile, the two try to explain to everyone that it is time to put an end to all the enmity and come together. Meanwhile, Somnath and Chandrachur point guns at each other but it is Thaku maa and Trilochan, who stop them from doing so.

Next up, we will see that the wedding is fixed after Trilochan asks Thaku maa's permission for the same. However, both Somnath and Chandrachur are unhappy, and hence, they will continue to cause trouble and that is what will happen when Chandrachur will plan to kidnap Bondita and take her away to Dhaka instead. All of this, he plans to do during the pre-wedding shoot prep that Anirudh surprised her with.

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We will see how he is guised as Bondita's makeup man and that is when he will try to kidnap her. However, Bondita will instead attack him with a knife and will escape the green room. Nonetheless, we will later see that on the big day, she discovers the same wound on Chandrachur's left and that is when she will come to know about the truth.

Whether or not she will expose him and how will things take a turn is what is yet to be seen!

Meanwhile, we have seen in the promos how Anirudh and Bondita are mighty excited for their wedding, and in fact, we see how during one of the rituals where Thaku maa must wash Anirudh's feet, he refuses to do it. Instead, he decides to pay respect by washing Thaku maa and Sumtani maa's wish, which makes Bondita happy as she was sure that he would never perform any such ritual.

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.Rinnie. 3 days ago The show has been getting MORE and MORE exciting each day!
The wedding week has been full of surprised, each episode, each scene, each minute of it has been wholesome and such a wonderful dedication for us loyal fans!
Everything has been perfect!
Nazar naa lage iss show ko :)
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