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Bani back in Walia house!

A big tussle between Bani and Jigyasa is on cards in Zee's Kasamh Se with Bani getting back at the Walia house...

Published: Tuesday,Oct 21, 2008 14:43 PM GMT-06:00
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Zee’s Kasamh Se will see a ‘Tashan’ between Jigyasa (Ashwini Kalsekar) and Bani aka Proneeta (Gurdeep Kohli) in the coming episodes.

Bani back in Walia house!
Jai Walia’s decision to move out of the country and settle in USA does not go well with Bani, who wants him and her family to remain here in the midst of all wonderful memories of Jay-Bani and her kids.

Giving us info is our reliable source, “A determined Bani will get back to Walia house and eventually stop Jai Walia from going out of the country. The next track will focus on the huge battle between Jigyasa and Bani. As Proneeta tries her best to prove her real identity, Jigyasa’s aim is to stop Bani from doing so”.

We talked to Ashwini Kalsekar who is happy to play negative yet again. “It is a nice feeling to play a dual role here as Jigyasa. She pretends to be protective towards her family, but at the same time she poses as the biggest threat to Bani now. The ultimate clash between Bani and Jigyasa is going to be the best part now”, says she.

With Bani back into the Walia house, we really look forward to the ‘Tashan’ now!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Vijaya @vallanki 15 years ago Fashion for me is being comfortable.....well said

good pair Ranvir and padakone
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storm @lovestorm 15 years ago i think shez better off with the cricketer;)
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Kinki/ @kinkz 15 years ago Hw woz much betta wid Sonam..It'z juzz a matter of tym as 2 wen she ditchez him!!
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Tara_K @Tara_K 15 years ago perfect just perfect.........the heart break continues. DP is one lucky woman
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saba @luv_pavi 15 years ago jigg u r too muchh sudhar jaoo well thnxxxx
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Antara Dey Sarker @opso_aantra 15 years ago i think jigyasa looks nice in positive character...........
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jani4eva @jani4eva 15 years ago i want this serial to end n i desperately want to see Ram in a new show
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Aasiyah @aasighazi 15 years ago I'm getting annoyed with this same track again...I'm sorry. This is just silly...can't they bring Bani back into the Walia house and then focus on the kids instead or focus on Bani and Jai trying to find Atharva? They forgot about him apparently and only have Krishna. I mean, did they not know what was going on when Meera took Atharva somewhere and then said he was dead????? I like Jigyasa and I thought that the new Bani would play a stronger character then the old Bani did.....she did for a while and now she's back to crying again.
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Vijaya @vallanki 15 years ago how long they drag the story?? kabhi negative kabhi good...uuufff tired of these stretchy charaters....never ending troubles
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pams309 @pams309 15 years ago another fight...?????? oh no... Kasam se is nothing but these kind of stupid fights...its so boring to watch jigyasa n baabi's so called tashaan... had enufff..
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