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Bala Director Amar Kaushik questions audience's 'Double Standards'!

The makers of Bala were repeatedly roped into controversy for choosing Bhumi for the character of Latika. Now, director Amar Kaushik has got back the audience questioning them about their double standards...


The emergence of social media has offered the netizens a green single to criticize celebrities holding a green card and considering anonymity, they are hardly afraid of speaking their mind out. But at times they also forget their cross their lines to give the actors a piece of their opinion. 

With the release of Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Bala, many roped the makers into a controversy over Bhumi Pednekar’s character - Latika Trivedi. The actress was seen performing a character of dark-complexion and several people questioned about the same.

Now, director Amar Kaushik has slammed the audience for having double standards and said that experimenting with the look of a character will confine an actor only to a particular kind of role.

In an interaction with PTI, the director said:

There was an initial thought about casting a dark-skinned actor. I can't say who we approached as this is not right to say. During the audition, you get to know whether an actor suits the part or not. The actor should look convincing. I felt Bhumi was superb for this character.

- Amar Kaushik

Further, questioning the audience’s ‘double standards’, he said it was interesting how people didn’t have a problem with the hero going bald for the role. 

Kaushik said experimenting with looks is a part of an actor’s job. If not, they will get stereotyped.

"I felt Bhumi was fit to play Latika. But we had to do something about the color. We did some tests on her (to get the dark skin color). If the hero is going bald or anything, there isn't an issue but when a female actor does (something), it is asked why this is done. For me, it was important how she is as a performer," he added.

Currently, Bhumi is one of the most trending actresses in Bollywood who has carved a niche for herself without any filmy background. The actress has always been very selective about the characters. 

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