Bakhtiyar's Fooling Act gives the Boys the Onus!!

This week it was Bakhtiyar from the boys' side and Swini from the Girls' who took the stage for Tashan round in Zara Nach Ke Dikha.. But there was an anti climax when Bakhtiyar forgot his steps... But did he really forget?

As we look forward to yet another scintillating week in Star One's Zara Nach Ke Dikha, this is the 2nd performance Episode after the boys’ team lost the challenge episode as well as the face off round where they had Amit Tandon on the penalty bench.

It starts with the Tashan round where Bakhtiyar floored the judges with his moves on 'Oye Pappi' from Kismet Konnection. He danced with a different style of his own. The house dance style was given a close to perfect score by the judges. In fact when he did an act of forgetting his steps, even Malaika was taken aback and said, "I really wanted to slap Bakhityar, how can he forget his steps, he's too good to forget while dancing".

On his act Bakhtyaar says, "According to both teams, I am a strong contender on Zara Nachke Dikha. And for my solo act, people would wonder what different I would do. What would happen if I forget, how will everyone react etc? But at the end of the day, I am human too, so I wanted to know how the rest on the set would react & I wanted all natural reactions! So I hid my act from everyone. Before this act our team was 38 points behind, so I had to give it my best to recover points for my team. At the end the judges, my team, the girls’ team, all were left in shock. After the act, the choreographer from the girls’ team came to me & said 'we were so happy when you forgot, but unfortunately you just fooled us'"

Swini who then took the stage to compete against Bakhtiyaar performed on 'Chale Jaise Hawain'. The judges liked her performance a lot and showered her with praises like "You are the apple of our eyes" though the marks given to her did not match with the comments. This really put her, her team and her parents off. Malaika then raised an objection saying that girl’s team should not have sent Swini to compete with Bakhtiyar in this round. That was a mismatch.

Will this mistake affect the girls too much? Catch all the fun and masti in Star One's Zara Nach Ke Dikha this week...


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bakhtiyar acts like he owns the show or something...but we all know that the girls are wayy better dancers so ha!

15 years ago

The boys team uses Bhaktiyar because he is a good dancer he just needs a attidude ajustment BIG Time!!!! They know they can't go wrong...Too bad Karan is on that side too...

15 years ago

y should Bhaktiyar dance in every episode?

15 years ago

I really wish Bakhtiyar would not be so high headed, it ruins his dancing for me. We all know he's good but he should be humble about it otherwise he'll loose fans

15 years ago

he dances well ... but his arrogance puts you off ... its like he is saying 'check me out... i can do this...i can do that... i'm the best' ....

look at hritik, there is probably no better dancer than him today ... but he is so humble that you automatically start enjoying his dance when he comes on screen....
but with bakhtiyaar i just get plain irritated

15 years ago

Bakhtiyar is over confident with his dance performance of last week.

15 years ago

swini and bhaktiyar... that was seriously a mis match...

15 years ago

yh i think its dum,way ovr da top n h8 mailika bt yh i fink da grls did mke a wrng descision thx

15 years ago

they prolly thought Swini woould get nothing but they sent move turned out well not so smart..

Goo Tez Talwar =]

15 years ago

i think the girl's made a stupid mistake sendin swini against bakhtiyaar...

for a dancer like him it shud hv been narayani or karishma

15 years ago

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