BAG Films celebrates six years completion of Kumkum!

Get to see pictures from the special party sequence in Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan incorporated on screen that celebrates a run of 6 years...

Popular show Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan has now finished six years and 1300 episodes. The show is set to celebrate this accomplishment in a grand way in their upcoming episode. A special song sequence has been shot for the same with a host of popular actors like Dipsshikha, Pawan Shankar, Gautam Rhode, Angad Hasija, Ali Merchant, Muskaan and Jay Bhanushali to be seen performing on Deewangi from Om Shanti Om. Interestingly even Hussain's wife Tina will be seen swinging to the tunes with hubby and Kumkum(Juhi Parmar). The celebration has been incorporated in the story of the show to celebrate it with their loyal fans.

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Pawan Shankar Thumbnail

Pawan Shankar

Shankar Thumbnail


Jay Bhanushali Thumbnail

Jay Bhanushali

Juhi Parmar Thumbnail

Juhi Parmar

Ali Mercchant Thumbnail

Ali Mercchant

Angad Hasija Thumbnail

Angad Hasija

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Gautam R

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kumkum is always bestttttttttttttttttttt

15 years ago


thanks for this

congrats to the entire team

nice pics

ju looks the bestest. lover her outfit


15 years ago

I wanted to see pictures of Angad and Sara. So sad for me.

15 years ago

Wow i am so much eager to see this episode seriously!!!!!!HuTi and Ju together must must watch!! Plus some must watch scene between SuKk:>

15 years ago

fab pics...congratulations kumkum team...for dis success

cant wait to watch d episode.

15 years ago

congrats to the team of kumkum!

&& i am so totally looking forward to this!!! specially because tina is gonna be there!!! =]

15 years ago

congrats to kumkum team and can't wait for the jashan

15 years ago

really!! Well I am looking forward to this episode .

Congrats!! KumKum Team because u haven't just completed 6 years but 6years of glory and 6 year old relation with ur audience !!
It must be great for Hussain and Juhi because they were known specially for these characters in the world!!

So congrats!! Once again and I wish it continues for more years to complete ur Golden Jubilee

15 years ago

congratzz to everyone of kumkum

15 years ago

cong to each and everyone of them associated with kk

15 years ago

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