Badminton on the sets of Aathvaan Vachan...

Shooting at Madh during nights is becoming a problem for the unit of Sony's Aathvan Vachan, courtesy mosquitoes...

On the sets of the Sony's show Aathvaan Vachan, there is lots of hungamagoing on while shooting during the night. If you visit the set at night time, you will find the cast and crew members playing badminton with the mosquitoes.

"We shoot at Madh in Malad, and during night time there are lots of mosquitoes around the sets. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to work too," says Varun Khandelwal.

Elaborating further on their experience he adds, "You get those electric rackets which kills these mosquitoes. Thus we all try to become Sania Mirza on the sets if we are not shooting. You will find those rackets in each and everyone's hand."

Though it's difficult but at the end, we all enjoy. This problem is only faced during night shoots, other wise its fine. The set is located at a beautiful place and there are lots of masti going on besides this," concludes Varun.

Well, looks like the actors are having a tough time shooting at nights as they need to battle with mosquitoes!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Varun Hemraj Khandelwal

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haha... i know... i love these eletric rackets... i even wanted to bring one back from india to singapore where i stay, but since there are hardly any mosquitoes, my mom said it wud be a waste of money...LOLz

15 years ago

god ...mosquitoes are true pain .... guys use mortien ya goodnight ..... lolzz

15 years ago

hehe ... that''s nice ... i think ...pallavi will be good at that

15 years ago

mortein yaa kachhuachhaap jalaa lete naa........ nahi to municipality walo ko bula lete...aao ji...yahaan par ayse badbooo karo ki machaar, makhiyaan , kutte , billiyaan..sab bhaag jaaye LOLZ

15 years ago

i have the racket..n its soo much fun with it..wenevn a mosquito is caught in makes a noise n i jump like hell..

15 years ago

India mein logon ki kami hai kya ?????? lolzzz

good soap !!!!!!!!

15 years ago

LOL........Happy shooting with mosquitos ha!!

15 years ago

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