Back to Square one for Sharad Malhotra..

Sharad Malhotra gets another chance to play the 'mentally challenged' role of Saagar in Banoo Main teri Dulhann. Are you surprised by the turn of events?

Sharad Malhotra got popular for his trademark cap and his mad act in the early phase of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, where he played the mentally challenged Saagar. The serial then took to a new high with Saagar regaining his memory and a new romantic angle been shown between Saagar and Vidya.

Now, the story takes a total 360 degree turn wherein Saagar has realized the evil intentions of his sister Sindoora, and is now pretending to be mentally ill in order to find out the real reason behind her hatred. So how does it feel for Sharad Malhotra to go back to the ‘good old days’ of playing a mentally challenged again? “In one word, Nostalgic”, claims the actor. Sharad grins and says, “I am trying to incorporate few more things to my character as Saagar is wiser now”.

The world came crashing on Saagar when he got to know the evil side of his sister Sindoora, but the biggest plus in the track ahead is that Saagar and Vidya are together. Commenting on this, Sharad says, “Yes, the story is exciting as Saagar and Vidya have teamed up. I am doubly thrilled as I get more scope to show my acting prowess, playing both the sane and insane characters at the same time. Also, let me tell you, the next 2 months will see the best phase of the serial. There is something big lined up, and the serial might see the entry of few new characters too”.

So watch out Sindoora, things are seriously looking murky, as the loved Jodi of Saagar and Vidya have got wiser!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Hey, Aishwrya was married to Abhishek on April 20, 2007 & not Feb 20th

16 years ago

she said really nice staff
hope it si all true
i am a big fan of her

16 years ago

hmmm...but there is only ash thou, maybe I'll wait untill...

16 years ago

I dont know what to say ! sometime's she seem's like a totall idol and sometime's she seem's like a pretty pain in the neck ! I AM SOOOO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!

16 years ago

ok everyone who is sayin ash is acting i have one question for u guys do u no ash personally to make such comments on her!

thanku for the acrtical

16 years ago

wowow great baby bachhan is on the way

16 years ago

she going to become a mom [pregent]

16 years ago

hehehe....Marriage is indeed recommended for all when we get a Abhishek in our lives..hehe!!

16 years ago

its so funny that ppl act liek they actally know ash and comment that shes fake, as for rani and abhi just cuz there a successful onscreen couple doesnt mean they shoudl actally get married.

16 years ago

seriously fake....cant get worse than tht.....honestly!!
plus i prefer rani and abhishek..
and it doesn't seem like she spends any time wid her inlaws at all!!

16 years ago

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