Baa Bahu aur Baby to shut shop..

Hats Off's Baa Bahu aur Baby on Star Plus will end post IPL...

Hats Off Productions' Baa Bahu aur Baby on Star Plus which made a comeback with its Season 2 on August 23rd  is now on the way out.

According to our source, "This weekend slice of life show will end post IPL ( BCCI's annual  Twenty Twenty cricket and entertainment carnival starts in March). The shoot of the show is likely to end in the last week of February. The show will most likely wrap up in April". 

Anupam Vasudev, EVP Marketingand Communication , Star India cryptically answered, "You never know", when asked on the future of Baa Bahu aur Baby. "Our network's relationship with JD Majethia is very strong.  Shows come and go", he added. 
This saga about the lower middle class Thakkar family has been plagued with problems ever since it came back with Season 2.  Shweta Keswani who essays the role of  Gudiya  feels that, "One of the reasons for low ratings could be the fact that the channel has not been publicizing the show  aggressively."

Meenakshi  bhabhi aka  Sucheta Trivedi  blamed the channel for changing the time slot repeatedly and not airing the episodes regularly." I get many calls, SMS  and emails asking about why film awards are telecast rather than our show on Sunday evenings." 

A caste member who did not want to be named asked the media to tell them when the show will end, so that they can take up some other offers. "This uncertainty is not good, we actors are always the last to be informed" said our source.

Shweta on her part felt that, "As Baa Bahu has had a good run of 5 years, so if it ends, its okay, anything that begins must end right." 
Producer J. D. Majethia in reply to our text message said, "Nothing has come to me in writing".
Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Comments (52)

I love this show to bits! It is not the usual K crap and I will miss it loads if the show ends. :(

14 years ago

dont end it please please its a very good show......

14 years ago

There is no show like Baa Bahoo aur Baby. I was very sad when the show ended it's first season, but when the second season started, I started believing in mircale can happen. I am praying that another Miracle will take place - pls do not end this beautiful, fun filled drama. Star Plus, you need to promote this show like Sony promotes it's shows. NO SHOW CAN EVEN COME CLOSE TO BBB - pls - listen to viewers' plead....don't end BBB...God Bless!

14 years ago

will miss the show as it was not saas bahu kind and very simple , day to day life story.. the show they should stop is devrani jethani

14 years ago

I enjoy the show, it is sad if it ends. All the best to the BBB team!

14 years ago

very well said Shewata, abt the chanel not pronoting the show. SP is goin down soon..

14 years ago

one more good show abt to end :(

all the best to the cast n crew!

14 years ago

Star Plus is going to dogs!
I dont know what is the channel doing, its always taking the wrong decisions!
why is it always the good and memorable shows of the channel???
Star Plus SHOULD come to know that, new shows dont make channels. Its the popular-old shows which make a channel successful.
Either its kis desh or BBB, Star is often against.
There is always a weekend in a month when BBB is not aired. WHY?
How can it stop BBB without any reason???
If one of their show doesnt score well, it plans to shut it!
Why dont these idiots know that a show needs promotion!

I believe thats an evident reason why doesnt Star Plus has the stamina to compete with Colors!
They extensively promote all their shows.
Star Plus now acts like a cry-baby!
I hope BBB doesnt go off-air!

14 years ago

What a pity a show like this has to end & there are other RUBBISH which carries on. BBB always gets cancelled if there is a award functions so why always pick BBB? Usually the awards shows are same & theres nothing new. Please do not STOP this wonderful SERIAL. After 5 YEARS it is still the BEST.

14 years ago

Wow..the number of people commented here had they seen the show the ratings would have been far better.

14 years ago

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