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Ayaan to demand a baffled birthday gift from Paakhi in Tumhari Paakhi!

Life OK's Tumhari Paakhi is gearing up with an intense drama as Ayaan demands a tricky gift from Paakhi.

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Shashi Sumeet Mittal's popular show Tumhari Paakhi on Life Ok is coming up with a high voltage  drama where Ayaan (Divyam Dama) will ask Paakhi (Shraddha Arya) to marry Aaryaman (Iqbal Khan).

As per the current track, the audience has witnessed that Veer (Varun Badola) is trying to brainwash Ayaan on Devki bua's suggestion who believe that Paakhi shouldn't stay alone and needs someone in life. Firstly they try to create circumstances in front of Paakhi where she is  helpless and will call Aaryaman back but all their efforts go in vain. Thus they think to brain wash Aayan as he is the only one who can convince her mother that his mother needs someone in life and cannot handle everything alone.

Now gear up for some drama which will grab the attention of the audience.

As per our sources informed, "There will be Ayaan's birthday party where Paakhi will make a handmade invitation card but Devki and Veer will change the birthday date in the card and thus nobody will turn up for the party. This will make Ayaan very furious and so he will ask Paakhi to marry Aaryaman as his birthday gift. Later Ayaan will tell her that she cannot be his father as well as her mother."

Will Paakhi agree to Ayaan's wish?

To know more keep reading this space.

Neha Jain


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ronshaan 6 years ago I hope that varun badola will be seen in this show for a long time, I know veer at the moment is planting against paakhi but that's what he was there for, I hope that they will make him realize his mistake and be there to support and not bring more problems in her life !!!
Over all varun is doing nice job in this show and I enjoy all his scenes !! Best of luck to TP team and VB
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IsabellaXavier 6 years ago Whosoever has written the article, no offence but please get your grammar right - the title of the article should be "Ayaan to demand a baffling gift from Paakhi in Tumhari Paakhi."
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ravluvssarun 6 years ago Omg!! Please come back iqbal! ! Miss u soo much! :(
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..PlayfulKiss.. 6 years ago I really want Anshuman to come back, since the show is about him and Paakhi. It's named Tumhari (Anshuman's) Paakhi, not anybody else's. If not, then Paakhi can get married to Aryaman, though I don't like Aryaman. But she should definitely NOT get married to Veer. I simply dislike Veer. He is the reason why I stopped watching TP.2014-08-22 15:33:48
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anasuya43 6 years ago
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luvbbat 6 years ago Why should Pakhi marry Aryaman Just because he looks like her husband? Aryaman who caused her husbands death does not deserve anyone's forgiveness. Iqubal Khan left the show on his own will and as much as I miss him; I think it's time for everyone to move on. Why can't Pakhi be a single mother? There are millions of single women in this day and age.
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Salman-Khan-Fan 6 years ago Paakhi should not listen to Ayaan and you can't marry someone who looks like your husband which would be weird, Aaryaman will always remind Paakhi of Anshuman and also she blames Aaryaman for Anshumans death. So how can you marry someone who looks like your husband, will always remind you of your husband and also who is the cause of your husbands death. Paakhi's mother-in-law is so selfish, she is only thinking about Aaryaman and is acting like Anshuman was not her son, it's like she has forgotten that she even had a son called Anshuman. Also the press though before that Paakhi and Aaryaman killed Anshuman and Paakhi made Aaryman Anshuman so she can get hold of his wealth, Paakhi made the press shut up by telling them the real reason and now if she gets married to Aaryaman then the press will think she lied to them and it was her plan all along. You should bring Anshuman back and the truth should be revealed that Aaryaman is not Anshumans brother. If Anshuman does not come back then Paakhi should get married to Veer instead of Aaryaman.2014-08-22 10:36:32
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hnidiga 6 years ago I really hope Iqbal could be back with this.. All this show now really needs is Iqbal and Shradha's electrifying chemistry..!! I really hope to god Iqbal gets back.. Shradha is an amazing actress and deserves her due!!
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shanaya28 6 years ago Another bad phase for Pakhi..devki is so selfish and very disappointed with Veer..
Interesting twist lets see how Pakhi handle this situation...2014-08-22 09:39:08
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Vinnie79 6 years ago WOW ok Veer really should stop being a puppet in his bua hands by now!
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