Avni's pregnancy problems

Perneet Chauhan who is presently portraying a pregnant Avni on Star One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi had an interesting experience lately…

Perneet Chauhan (Avni) and Karan Tacker (Sameer) had a funny incident on the sets of Star One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi…

In the show, Avni is Pregnant and a cold war is taking place between the couple. There is a scene where Sameer is in a watch room and is taking his own time. Right about this time, Avni feels like throwing up as she is pregnant but Sameer doesn't listen to her. He refuses to go outside and when after a lot of delay he opens the door but it's too late and Avni vomits.

So we asked Perneet about the scene, "Yes there was a scene where I had to vomit. I was feeling so awkward to do that scene in front of everyone but my director made me comfortable and he explained me on how to go about the scene. I had to squirt water at Karan with my mouth. Later they put Kheer on him to make it look like puke. But I found the kheer so yucky that by seeing that I was feeling nauseous. However, I'd say that both of us enjoyed the scene and it was a light moment at the time of my pregnancy that is shown in the show."

Hope Avni's pregnancy problems soften Sameer's heart and turn him into a responsible father…

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (50)

Lovly & hilarious scene tht was
lOve Karan Tacker 's expression
Miss LNMDJ & Karan Tacker

10 years ago

Miss Savni so much
Love U Karan Tacker ..

10 years ago

why the hell oon earth did they edit it....><

14 years ago

she puked agn bt d 2nd time he din loose his cool....sammer ws vry sweet indeed........

14 years ago


14 years ago

i did see that scene .... its soo cute though

14 years ago

lmao ... is was luaghing my head of when i saw the scene on the precap, can't wait to see the epi next week !!! LNMDJ is getting interesting each day.

14 years ago

Sounds interestn... hmm.. well...but its nothng new... bcoz............................................ ITS LNMDJ ... its gotta b INTERESTN !!!
luv this shw... n all its twists n turns... hope it goes on 4eva...... luv this shw !! :D

14 years ago

AHAHAHA!!! I love Avani and Sameer together...and their little fights that they have now... :)

14 years ago

Saw the precap. A bit disgusting but very funny. Can't wait to see the entire scene.

14 years ago

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