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'Audience got confused and didn't vote' - Vishwas Rai

Vishwas Rai the first evicted participant from the top thirteen contestants of Sony's Indian Idol 5 in an exclusive conversation…

Published: Tuesday,May 25, 2010 19:10 PM GMT-06:00
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Vishwas Rai the most senior and experienced singer among the talented thirteen singers in Sony's Indian Idol 5 looks at his elimination from the show as a positive step, even though he did not expect his ouster so soon..

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Tell us about your singing experience in Indian Idol as of now?
The experience has been great. I still remember the time I had got selected from Delhi auditions, after standing in that queue for hours together in scorching heat and quenching thirst, coupled with nervousness.

How's the feel of being associated in a reality show?

The feeling is nice; it gives an artist the idea of where the person stands in comparison to equally talented artists around. Also it is a great professional learning experience which takes us through an entire journey from being a singer to a celebrity.

What was the immediate reaction you had after you heard your elimination news?
I was shocked and surprised, because nobody had expected such a verdict. Most of us were expecting Tia or Manisha to get evicted, but then its fine.

Do you feel bad to be the first person to be eliminated in Gala round?
Absolutely!! It feels bad to be eliminated so soon, but I'm taking it positively. My main aim is to get into play back singing in films and the day I had entered this show my struggle process had begun; so I look at it as a part of my journey and I'm satisfied by the fact that at least the biggies of Bollywood know me and appreciate my voice.

Why do you think you got eliminated?
I think there is so much of great singing happening in the show that audience got confused, or may be mesmerized in the songs that they forgot to vote (smiles). Because in the first round I had sung 'Fashion ka hi yeh Jalwa' song for which I received standing ovation from judges; then I sung 'Chak de India' track and received equally good appreciation. Even after all this, I have got eliminated, so I feel audience couldn't decide whom to vote and whom not to.

According to you who are the strongest and weakest performers in the show?
I feel there is no weak performer as such; all are equally talented and that is the reason they are on the show. But in comparison to other participants I feel Shivam is a very genuine singer.

Even the judges were shocked on hearing that you got eliminated. Did you talk to them in person after the elimination?
Yes they were really disappointed; Pritamji who had come as a guest judge assured me that he will give me a song in his future projects. Even Anu Malik took me to his place, offered me dinner and even an opportunity to sing with him, and he did appreciate my talent.
Who were your friends out there?
I shared a good rapport with everyone; yet I was very close to Shivam who was like a younger brother to me.

Do you hope for a chance to get back to the contest thro wild card?
I hope I'll come and if I get an opportunity I will surely not miss the chance.

If given a chance what would you want to change in the first gala performance of yours?
Firstly, I would like to change my look, cut my hair, and wear some earnings.

How is your family coping up with your early elimination?
Very well, my mother is very strong and she has been supporting me very well.

What are your future plans?
Firstly I would try for play back singing in films and then try something in anchoring too.

Who has been your favorite judge?
Anu Malik, as he loves me a lot.

Which was your most memorable moment on India Idol 5?
The most memorable moment was when I had reached the audition venue in Delhi. As soon as the gate opened everyone just rushed in and I fell down on the ground and the crowd literally stamped on me. I was brutally hurt; a crew member pulled me aside at the right moment. I can never forget that, I just felt I'll die.

You are a well-known singer cum music teacher in Allahabad then why did you opt for a reality show?
For simple reason that no one can make a popular and well established career in 3 months and a reality show like Indian Idol gives an artist that opportunity. and I feel it's a great achievement.

You have even hosted a reality show in Dubai, could you tell us something about that?
Yes I had hosted Sa Re Ga Ma Pa of UAE and Amanat Ali was the winner of the same. I  even participated in the same reality show in India in 2005-06.

Who according to you are the top four singers this year?
Shivam, Shashi, Naushad and Shriram.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy.

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jasmeet92 5 years ago It is fantastic movie and full of entertainment and songs are superb and John and Abhishek Bachchan play a brilliant role and Priyanka Chopra looking outstanding.
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salma93 12 years ago he really did not deserve to get eliminated :(
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Sneh-Jiwan 13 years ago Aww he is an awesome singer his elimination was not fair at all....he should be asked to come back in the contest

Some singers are worst than him still in the contest....Shivam is an excellent singer so is Saroop khan !!!!!
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RandomSquared 13 years ago he's rly good hope he comes back but my favs are shashi n shivam...the girls are horrible this season
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Irfan_Haiderr 13 years ago I m from Pakistan... i did not listen song too much... but this indian idol 5...make me to start it to watch...

I really like ur voice... ur way of singing, attitude, body language... and the way u feel easily singing songs....

I wish u could come back again... i just register my self to comment u ... u r superb singer.... and i just feel it is dream .. and i awake and hear that u r still in...
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monika_0306 13 years ago Vishwas.... i will say show must go on ...atleast for people like u...u r so talented. I became ur fan after Jalwa perfomance.

Indian Idol is over for me...the moment vishwas was out....i mean there is no competition left now for anyone...he was like backbone of show he should be in top 3. He deserves to be... He has voice and everything a star should have..
Call him Back to the show.. Plz support this...this is the matter of someone's life and career i.e, Vishwaas
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aky2401 13 years ago i knew i have seen him saregama...he is awsum..hope he cums bck in wildcard entry...:):)
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james20 13 years ago To Akash08
I just love to hear his singing,never bored. will miss you
2) He did not want to leave from EMEAT ,he wanted to stay but becoz of Twinkle he had to leave. he was actually trying something to stay in.
3) He was defintely among top3 ,later we would seen him sing better I am pretty sure. he never had neg attitude.always Positive,just been unlucky becoz of I don't know what kind of janta.2010-05-25 21:12:01
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sumapm 13 years ago We want him bak....its the the worst decision to eliminate the best
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-CreativeSoul- 13 years ago i loved his singing he was one of the once how deserve top 5 and now...............the judges should take the decision them selve its never faare this way
its like last year all over again not that shorby was not a great singer but alot that got out didnt deserve to get out and deserverd the top indian idol position.........
plese do fair voting guys vote for there talent not there personalites
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