Ashita and Saillesh feel blessed this Ganpati

Preparations are in full swing as this year's Ganpati is special for Saillesh and Ashita Gulabani who have been blessed with twins.

Saillesh Gulabanii and Ashita Dhawan Gulabani are super happy these days and are felling blessed as they are having ten day Ganapati celebration at their residence with their twins.

Some actors have been keeping five days and ten days Ganpati at their residence. The zeal and zest of the trunk God is spread all across the globe and the most loved God has been blessing each and every one and television stars are all up for that.

Thus to know more about the Ganpati celebration, TellyBuzz got in touch with Saillesh Gulbani who shared about the Ganpati celebration at his home and how ecstatic his twins to see Lord Ganesha.

An all excited Saillesh said, "It was my Mannat last year that if we have a girl and a boy then we will keep the idol of Lord Ganesha namely 'Raja' for ten days and soon my Mannat was heard and fulfilled by the Lord. Hence this year I have kept Ganpati for ten days, otherwise till last year I used to keep it for three days."

He further added, "It was always our wish to keep a Ganpati at our residence. Last year Ashita was expecting and we both desperately wanted a boy and girl and our dream came true. So we have kept two Lords namely Lord Ganesh of 4 feet 'Raja' and the other one is 'Sia' as the names of our kids as per the Kundali are 'Ganesh' and 'Sai'."

On being asked Saillesh whether will he keep the Mannat for next year too and will he keep Ganpati again for ten days? "It actually depends on our work. Next year I might keep Ganpati probably for five days or for three days. Actually for me keeping Ganpati for one and a half day is way to less, as there are around 250 guests that I have to attend who come to my residence to seek Bappa's blessings. So I need to take care of each and every one, also I have been cooking bhog for the Ganesha."

"The way kids are reciprocating to the Lord is very nice and pleasurable to see. My son Armaan is elated to see the Lord and my daughter Amaira mostly looks around for Lord Ganesha. It's a great feeling altogether," concludes Saiilesh.

Hope the Gulabani family stays blessed like this forever!

Ruchita Mishra



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